Godfather Bill Clinton Praises Underboss/Enforcer Hillary “Best Change Maker I Know”

Former President Bill Clinton spoke to the split delegates at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night. His speech about his “best friend” Hillary Clinton was in the classic “good ole boy” Bill Clinton manner. He was trying to sell the idea that Hillary would create the change in Washington that the people are wanting. Attempting to give us the picture of a kind and gentle Hillary that most of America doesn’t know. As he sold us on the misleading idea of NAFTA that began the decline of the middle class with the exodus of good paying manufacturing jobs in the 90’s. Bill tried to sell the idea that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be good for the country too.
It has been long known that Bill Clinton is the voice and Hillary is the fighter of the Clinton Machine. Even in Arkansas where they began this fact became clear. Bill would talk softly and make the proposals as Hillary would get in the trenches or behind closed doors and hammer out the details. Whether it was policy matters or the many personal or political scandals that come hand in hand with the Clinton’s. The roles of Godfather and Underboss/Enforcer have been well defined, the perfect crime family. 
We all know how Hillary has helped the Obama administration in making change as he promised in ’08. The world is not safe at all for anyone as Islamic terrorism has grown throughout Europe and the Middle East. Despite the rich becoming richer the middle class continues to decline. The division of race is growing not because of the Trump campaign but because of the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement. The BLM has now turned on Hillary and the Democrats since the DNC emails exposed the total corruption within the Democratic Party. 
Despite the Godfathers claims and the picture the Democrats are attempting to paint in Philadelphia. Hillary and her Globalist Establishment backers are losing control as the emails, Sanders Revolutionaries, BLM and the terrorist attacks throughout the world have stolen the show. Americans are beginning to figure out that corruption and fraud can’t be fixed by those who perpetuated it. As the thousands of protesters outside on the streets of Philadelphia are saying “This is what democracy looks like.”


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