Obama And Establishment Democrats Continue Fantasy Island Theme At DNC

With GDP unable to reach a 3% growth rate during Obama’s entire Presidency, 19 trillion in debt and growing, A military that is forced to cannibalism for parts and lacking personnel, a failing educational system, health care costs rising, unsecured borders, and little to no respect on the world stage. Obama and the Establishment Democrats want you to believe everything is fine. Don’t mind the Boos inside the convention or the large numbers of protests outside. 
They also want you to believe that Hillary Clinton is fit and trustworthy. Despite her use of a private server while Secretary of State, exposing Top Secret government communications to possible enemies. Who is still under investigation by the State Department and other federal agencies, immediately hires Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the campaign after she was exposed as being in collusion with the media, manipulating the primary for Clinton’s assured victory, while running the Democratic Party that used racial and religious bias in strategy emails. 
Clinton receives millions from foreign donors and Wall Street, is involved in the Clinton Foundation that doesn’t pay woman equally to the male employees, and is not as racially or gender diverse as Donald Trump’s business. A correlation between donations to the Clinton Foundation and payments for speeches that resulted in favorable State Department decisions for countries and groups with horrendous human rights violations and negative environmental practices. 
Clinton also has as her top personal aide, Clinton Foundation employee and was at the State Department with her, Huma Abedin whose family is heavily involved with the Muslim Brotherhood. MB has a long and checkered past with connections to terrorist organizations and anti Israeli sentiments. 
Then there is the loss of four American lives including the American ambassador to Libya Stevens, in Benghazi. Stevens had requested extra security for months prior to his death with Clinton’s orders the State Department ignored the requests. In front of a House Select Committee investigating Benghazi, Clinton could only respond by saying “What difference does it make?”
Hillary Clinton has a long history of scandals both personal and political. She has lied repeatedly on issues and always denies doing anything wrong. Who she really is is up for debate. Yet it can’t be denied that whenever Hillary is involved something illegal or unethical is taking place. Her history proves this as she has pulled off one of the most corruption filled careers to become the Democratic nominee for president. Tonight she will except this nomination not in front of a unified party, but a party that represents the divisions and disgust with the system that most Americans feel. The Establishment will continue to claim the truth are lies and that their lies are truth. They will act as if everything is fine at home and abroad. Clinton will claim only she can make the necessary changes to fix the system despite 30 years of involvement in creating the problems we face. Clinton will blame everyone else for everything bad going on and act as if she is concerned about the people, when n fact it is Power that has driven her and will continue to. Her only desire is for power, nothing or anyone else matters in this lifelong goal. “Da plane, Da plane” Establishment Globalist Democrats and Hillary Clinton will continue their journey on Fantasy Island. 


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