Hillary Clinton Presides Over Believers, Accepts Nomination with Lie Filled Speech

Tonight’s end to the Democratic Convention was just what was expected as Hillary Clinton spoke to her believers. These are the same people that have believed the same promises for years that rarely come true. Much of her new and improved policy promises include: Not honoring the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) that she fully backed prior to Donald Trumps stance against it. She suddenly has a new position on veterans since her statements claiming that the Veterans Administration was doing a fine job handling vets issues. She now uses Trumps position on vets. She claims the military is in great shape despite what is known, lack of equipment and personnel. 
It was classic Hillary Clinton saying exactly what her audience wants to hear only to gain votes. How can anyone believe that Hillary would go after the Banks and Wall Street? These are her biggest donors. How can anyone believe that she will go after terrorism when she helped to create ISIS and funded and armed Al Qaeda. How can anyone believe she supports the police when she put the blame on them originally when Dallas happened this year? Simply put, how can anyone believe Hillary Clinton? 
This is the same woman who claimed she ran from a plane under fire in Bosnia. When in fact she walked calmly and was greeted by dignitaries and children. She claimed no Top Secret emails were received or sent from her private server while Secretary of State. Yet, the FBI found that she did in fact do it. She claimed she was never hacked yet there were emails discussing attacks between her and aides. These are but a few of her lies that she is famous for. As the old saying goes, “You can tell every time Hillary lies, if she is talking she is lying.” 
Those who clapped and cheered were not the average voter and most if not all are aware of the real Hillary Clinton’s past. They know of the scandals that follow the Clinton’s everywhere. They know she did nothing but lie to them and the country. But this is their leader that is going to lead them to the promised land. Most are political hacks who believe in the idea of a Globalist One World Government. They want the 2nd amendment to be removed, most don’t believe in freedom of speech either. Maybe Bernie had it right “Socialist Democrat.” 
Two names are important right now as both party’s nominees have been confirmed. John Ashe former UN General Assembly President who was making a deal in a case against him involving taking bribes. Ashe was offering to testify against Hillary concerning Campaign irregularities and Clinton Pay to Play Foundation donations. He died the day before he was to appear in court due to dropping barbells on his neck.
Then there was Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, just a little over a week before DNC emails exposed corruption within the DNC over the primary election. “Seth Rich was a dedicated, selfless public servant who worked tirelessly to protect the most sacred right we share as Americans — the right to vote,” Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in statement released by the DNC. He was shot to death in Washington DC, since he wasn’t robbed police say they lack a motive in the case. 
These types of accidents, murders and suicides have followed the Clinton’s for years. Once or twice in a career maybe but the numbers for these types of coincidences, range from 49 to 90 deaths. The Clinton’s after all will do anything for power. The most corrupt people in politics and now its Hillary’s turn, Or is it?


One thought on “Hillary Clinton Presides Over Believers, Accepts Nomination with Lie Filled Speech

  1. What I find totally amazing with the Democrats is they were able to go a whole week without mentioning ISIS by name. Of course, Hillary was responsible for ISIS’ creation, and that would have been bad…but still, you’d think we’re living in a land of lollipops and roses after 8 years of Obama. Geesh…I wish I knew what color the sky was in these people’s world!


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