Trump’s Truths vs. Clinton’s Lies, Nationalism vs. Globalism

No surprise here as we just witnessed two very different types of conventions. The Republicans went to Cleveland amid rumours of a steal by the globalist establishment wing of the Republican Party. It never materialized as  Republicans showed that the party has seen the light and business as usual was no longer welcome. A new and improved version has emerged as Trump leads the Republicans into the November elections. The word change can be used as this truly is a reinvented political party.
 The Bush dynasty quietly went into the sunset, Romney, McCain, Kasich and the others who have participated in the policies of the past that began our nations social and economic decline as well as the loss of respect on the world scene, have seen their influence wither. Globalism takes the back seat as the Trump Movement of Patriotism and putting America first is what is needed in order to reestablish the prominence America once took for granted. Tough talk and the brutal truth is what is needed and the Republicans now have such a leader in Donald Trump. 
With the Democrats coming out of a chaotic convention in Philadelphia that was a lock for Hillary Clinton as she was selected 8 years ago to be the nominee in 2016. Turmoil and scandal that has become the signature of the Democratic Party was evident throughout. The Globalist have a firm grip on the Democratic Party. The DNC email scandal that replaced Hillary Clinton’s email scandal as the major topic is just in the beginning stages. More heads will roll as the Democrats are being exposed as everything Americans despise. Corruption, fraud, lies and deception remain as the keys to a party that seems to sink to new lows on a daily basis. While terrorism increases worldwide the Democrats avoided the issue and pushed for more to be done for illegal immigrants. They not only support Obamas open door policy but want to expand it. Is there one Democrat that understands that it was Europe’s open door policy that has largely caused the major increase in terrorism? 
This November 8th Americans have a choice to make and it will forever determine the future. Do we want to return to prosperity and real hope with freedom and justice based on truth for all? Or do Americans believe that corrupt life long members of the system who have caused the decline in every aspect of their lives will fix the true problems they face? This will be the time to see if Americans are awake to the truth and want to get up and retake the Republic of the United States. Or if they are truthfully nothing more than sheep with no will or minds of their own who believe in fairy tails and never got past the childhood stage of needing someone to make their decisions for them. 
The Globalist want you to believe that the truth is nothing more than conspiracy theories. If they can continue to make you believe this then you have bought into their lies and deceptions. There is so much in the world today that is being hidden from you in plain sight. You just need to take some time to look and see for yourselves what is real. Its a puzzle but as simple as connecting the dots or realizing that 2+2 really does add up to 4. 
Vote for real change offered by Trump or continue on the same path of the now change candidate Clinton. Believe in yourself and your ability to make decisions or Believe that your just sheep who follows those who have been leading you to where you are today. Believe in America first or believe in Globalism first. Your choices are complete opposites and its important that you become knowledgeable and look into the issues and seek the truth by looking and not relying on one source. Its okay to think for yourself just don’t allow your thoughts to be planted by mainstream news media as they are propagandist for the Globalist. Search, read, listen and become independent in thought become free to have faith in yourself and your ability to think. This election is about you, your future, your life 


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