America’s Real Threat Is Globalism NOT Putin’s Russia

As we now move into the last three months of the presidential election process we have two clear choices. On one hand there is Republican Donald J. Trump, who surprised then defeated the Republican Establishment. Multi billionaire who says what he thinks and has shown the ability to crush anyone who attempts to engage him in verbal debate. He is well informed and despite  his economic and social status, Trump seems to understand the average Americans views as many say that he says what they are thinking. As he has often stated “I’m just the messenger.” Unlike most politicians Trump isn’t selling ideas that he has, He is selling the very ideas that most Americans have. 
On the Democrat side there is the Establishment Hillary Clinton who outright stole her nomination and despite this revelation she is still the Democratic Party favorite. She has been one of the Globalist biggest proponents and follows inline with  George HW Bush, her husband Bill Clinton, George W Bush and current President Barrack Obama. All globalist despite party affiliation. Hillary started with selling one set of ideas at the beginning of the primary to ending with almost polar opposite ideas. She is an old school politician who says what the voter wants to hear while injecting what she thinks the voter should want as it’s her experience that matters more than what a voter thinks.
As Trump has said he has no problem with Putin or Russia and we as America don’t. The days of the Cold War ended with the fall of the Soviet Union, The great Soviet Empire collapsed as did its expansionist ways, Its former allies in Eastern Europe also threw off the shackles of communism. The military threat of the Warsaw Pact is no more. Russia has no designs of creating a new Russian Empire as some want you to believe. 
Russia is fighting on a limited basis in Syria as they are honoring a longtime alliance. While the US under the Obama/Clinton foreign policy is attempting to oust the Assad regime in Syria. However, it is not clear just who the US and its Middle East allies wish to install, since the Civil War instigated by Obama/Clinton has so many different sides and ethnic and religious differences. Russia is doing the most damage to ISIS as this is the single strongest force in the conflict. So you may ask, why do the Democrats and the Establishment Globalist have so many issues with Putin? Simply its Globalist expansion.
Most Americans have been kept in the dark as to what has truthfully been going on in America and the world as a whole. We first heard the words “New World Order” from George HW Bush 30 plus years ago and yet didn’t understand its meaning. 
The New World Order or Globalist One World Government is much older than we think. It is an idea developed by the Elite, the 0.1% of the 1% richest individuals of the world. Led by Bankers, Businessmen, and some of the Royal families of Europe. The Names Rothschild and Rockefeller are among them. These are the puppet masters who pull the strings of politicians worldwide. They paid for the Russian Revolution of 1917, supported Hitlers rise to power in the 1930’s and today are creating the the chaos in the world we live in.
These are people who due to immense wealth and power have developed the plans for One Government to rule the entire world. The process has been long and it has had its setbacks. Yet today we can see it in full view in Europe as the European Union is the blue print of what it will be. One government, one system ruled by unelected people who only answer to the Elite. Brexit has caused an issue, yet as is being seen, the delay on the United Kingdoms exit from the Union may in fact be a plot to ignore the vote and remain. Once the process begins it takes two years for a member state to leave and until they do they must abide by all decisions passed down. The Brexit may never happen in reality. 
In the United States the Globalists have entrenched themselves within both political parties. They have also taken control of the entertainment industry and news media. They control most Colleges and major Universities. Most major companies in all fields have Globalist leaders including the internet and social media. Americas constant wars and interventions worldwide are not for our safety or to better our lives. It is a way to solidify the ease to expand control by the Globalist. Our system of perpetual debt allows them to control and enslave everyone including the government. 
The United Nations is a front for the future Globalist One World Government. Laws and rules for all governments are enacted within the cover of being treaties. The idea that chaos is one of the goals that Globalist create may seem strange, yet it is done for a reason. When chaos abounds and things begin to get out of control the people will call on government to protect them and ask for help. This allows governments to enact laws that take freedoms away under the explanation that it will keep you safe. They want you to believe freedom is what causes chaos. 
Hillary Clinton is 100% controlled and protected by the Globalist. She does their bidding as Obama, the Bushes and Bill Clinton have. 9/11 was done to enact the patriot act that in truth eliminated some basic rights and gave more control of our lives over to the government. It also allowed then President GW Bush to invade Iraq and begin to destabilize the Middle East. It also gave him the ability to occupy Afghanistan. Obama/Clinton then pulled out of Iraq leaving weapons and equipment behind to allow ISIS to arm quickly, they then destabilized Libya. At the same time organized and trained forces to overthrow Syrian President Assad. 
This all caused the refugee crisis in Europe and increased terrorism, purposely causing chaos throughout. We have open borders and calls for allowing massive immigration to do what is beginning, cause chaos. At the same time attempts to enact laws that will remove gun rights and free speech.
NAFTA began the collapse of the middle class in America and it was by design as the TTP will further remove the last remnants of a middle class. Trade treaties are used to entangle governments into joint political entities as was the way the European Union began. The goal being to create almost poverty conditions and make everyone equally poor. This in turn makes the people more dependent on the government. The globalist goal includes communism with the Elite in charge. Look at North Korea and you can see what system is in mind. Only the Elite are taken care of and everyone else are slaves to their wishes and needs. 
The EU and US are making threatening moves to the Russians, interfering in the Ukraine, setting up forces up to the Russian border, threatening to enlarge the membership of NATO and the EU, running military exercises that simulate attacking Russia and setting up missile systems that have dual capabilities of being used for defensive and offensive purposes that can strike Moscow within minutes. Putin is not threatening us, we are threatening him. Hillary Clinton and the Globalist media are not being truthful. Russia is not a Globalist stronghold and so they are trying to force Putin’s hand. 
Hillary Clinton will do as her puppet masters instruct both at home and abroad. Donald Trump won’t as he is an enemy of the Globalists. That is why the news media, Democrats and Globalist controlled Republicans all are attempting to make Trump and his policies out as being bad for America. They don’t want America first as the plans call for America not to be. To the Globalist there is not to be individual nations but just One World Government with little to no freedom. They want to eliminate the Republic of the United States and Putin’s Russia, if it be by war, then to the worlds Globalist Elite so be it. You don’t matter to them and you don’t matter to the Globalist Establishment in America either. 


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