Is DOD Covering Up ISIS Claim Of Shooting Down US Warplane

A recent claim by ISIS was denied by the Pentagon, then 3 days later a US F/A-18C Hornet is reported to have crashed, killing the pilot while on a training mission at Twentynine Palms Air Base, Mirmar California. This base is home to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing that provides the aviation combat element for I Marine Expeditionary Force. 
On July 25 2016, ISIS through its news site Armaq reportedly claimed to have shot down an American fighter plane near the Ayn Asad joint Iraqi /American air base in Al Anbar province. The Pentagon denied the report. However the Ayn Asad Air Base has been a point of operation for past operations against ISIS in and around Fallujah Iraq. 
On July 28 2016, it was reported that a Marine pilot had died in a training accident at Twentynine  Palms. The Marine Corps spokesman pointed to lack of spare parts and limited flight training hours as the possible cause of the crash. An investigation is ongoing and the pilots name hasn’t been released. 
The question must be asked, is this a cover up? Does ISIS have the ability to shoot down US fighters? Do they possess Stinger anti aircraft missiles or an equivalent and if so where did they get them? The timing of first the claim, then denial, followed within days of a training crash, leads to suspicion of the Pentagon covering up something.
With the recent events in Turkey, a NATO ally that possesses American and NATO weaponry  there could be a link to ISIS acquiring upgraded anti aircraft weapons. After the so-called Coup attempt in Turkey and the clamp down of all opposition, could this signal that Turkey’s President Erdogan is moving closer to ISIS, as they both seek to create a Islamic State? There have been many reports of Erdogan having close ties to ISIS. 
Until further information becomes available we can only attempt to find the truth. This could reveal a much larger problem in the so-called Obama Administrations war on terror. As has been the problem, there appears to be much more going on than we are being told.


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