Hillary Clinton, Senator, Secretary of State, Benghazi and Wall Street

After watching the Democratic National Convention’s rendition of “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” I wondered how any American could continue to fall for Hillary Clinton’s claims. Even “husband on paper only” former President Bill Clinton took the opportunity during Hillary’s acceptance speech to take a little nap. After all it was just another speech full of the fictions that he has heard for years. Tax the rich, create jobs, affordable healthcare, debt free college, equality for all and of course keep you safe. 
We must after all look at Hillary’s track record to really see what she has accomplished in her career that qualifies her to become the President of the United States. We could start with her ability as a lawyer and mention that she helped a pedophile win a case despite admitting that she was aware he was guilty then laughing about it. “But that wouldn’t be fair.” She did show great insight and knowledge of the futures markets when she invested $5,000 and walked away with $100,000. “Well maybe that was beginners luck.”
Let’s skip to when she became US Senator from New York and served from 2001 until she resigned to become Secretary of State in 2009.  Here is where her career in public service begins to shine. This is a gauge to see if Hillary possess leadership qualities and is able to convince others in the political arena that her ideas are good for the country. What kind of bills did she introduce that would create an atmosphere of job growth, building a strong economy and keeping Americans safe at home and abroad? How hard did she work for those who elected her?
In oder to judge how hard a politician works I believe one problem that seems to be rampant is that when a bill comes before the floor for a vote, too many of our elected officials fail to show. Hillary missed 9.5% of the roll call votes during her time in the Senate. Put that in perspective with your job and ask, is missing almost 1 out of every 10 days of work acceptable? That type of call off rate would get you fired quickly, and I am certain you’d admit that you should have been let go. And unlike most Americans our US Senators are paid whether they show or not. 
Just maybe Hillary introduced some ground breaking legislation that provided Americans with the things needed to live better lives. She must have had some ground breaking ideas. So lets look at the 3, “yes only 3 bills” that Sen. Hillary Clinton introduced and were signed into law.

S.1241- Establish the “Kate Mullany” National Historic Site in the state of New York. 2004

S.3613- Name a post office the “Major George Quamo” Post Office Building. 2006

S.3145- Designate a highway in New York as the “Timothy J. Russert” Highway. 2008

“Okay she’s a proven leader in naming things.” She had promised to create jobs for those in upstate New York, 200,000 as a matter of fact. Ouch, they lost over 6,000, and as is evident Hillary never introduced a job creation bill that could create one job let alone 200,000 and got it passed.
After Barrack Obama beat out Clinton during the 2008 Democratic Primaries, He won the general election with a call for change. He appointed Clinton to head the State Department as Secretary of State. In those four years that she served as Americas top diplomat and foreign policy advisor, we saw the implementation of many of the policies that have created the world we now live in. The growth of ISIS, the radical Muslim extremist organization that has become a tool of Globalists to create havoc throughout the world. We watched as the United States supported The Arab Spring movement in North Africa and the Middle East that ultimately wreaked havoc and destabilized the region. We witnessed as a US ambassador was murdered along with 3 others in Benghazi Libya and both Obama and Clinton stood by and did nothing. And the loss of Americas prestige throughout the world has declined immensely. 
Maybe trying to find something about Hillary Clinton that could possibly show that she is up for the job as President of the United States was a bad idea. Listening to her claims that she will go after those on Wall Street is beyond reality since they pour millions into her campaign. Hillary is bought and paid for, she has never done anything while in public service for the betterment of our situations on any level. “I tried very hard to find something, anything that she might have done for the good of us all. There sadly just isn’t anything in her record to show it.” 

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