Khizr Khan Clinton Plant, Muslim Brotherhood

The Constitution waving father of Captain Humayun Khan who died in a car bombing attack in Iraq in 2004 has an interesting past. We can’t take away from Cpt. Khan’s sacrifice during the Ill advised Iraq war. The facts are he like so many Americans who served shouldn’t have even been there. Capt. Khan was used then and now his death is being used by the Clinton Campaign.

Yes used, Capt. Kahn’s father is not being truthful and is a plant by the Globalist Hillary Clinton. The remarks he made at the Democratic National Convention about Republican Donald Trump were first and foremost, distortions of the truth. 
Donald Trumps policy on Muslim immigration as it is on all immigration, is exactly the same for all. Immigrants from anywhere must come legally. Nothing anti Muslim or Mexican just follow the laws in place. Hillary Clinton’s policy is to allow anyone from anywhere to just walk in, not knowing who or what their purpose is. Look at Europe to see how this type of free for all policy destroys the culture, economy and the freedoms for all. 
The American voter has to awaken to the real agenda here. Hillary Clinton and the Establishment Democrats and Republicans are Globalists. They all have been working to achieve a One World Government. GHW Bush to Obama, every president we’ve had for the past 28 years has been slowly destroying our sovereignty as a nation. That Constitution Mr. Khan was waving is on the list of things to destroy as it has been picked apart over the years. Our Constitution does not fit into the future plans of the Globalist and if you haven’t noticed most of the freedoms it assures us have been eliminated.
Khizr Khan is part of the Muslim Brotherhood as is Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin, he also has ties to the Clinton Foundation and he supports the idea of Sharia Law. For those who don’t know what Sharia Law is look at Saudi Arabia. Globalist like Clinton and Obama are working hand in hand with the Muslim Brotherhood, Remember The Arab Spring? That movement and our involvement in North Africa and the Middle East has caused the destabilization of those regions in turn the problems in Europe. 
Before you begin to think Khizr Khan is just some ordinary immigrant father who lost his son in a war that should have never been, think again. Go to and read the article “What the media is not telling you about the Muslim who attacked Donald Trump.” 
Hillary Clinton the Establishment Globalist and the Establishment Globalist news media are up to same old tricks of lies and deception. Become informed and quickly before you can’t stop the destruction of the Republic. Your freedom depends on it. 


One thought on “Khizr Khan Clinton Plant, Muslim Brotherhood

  1. It’s time to use our heads…and survival skills…stop falling for “political correctness” and start thinking and acting like an American Patriot!! If we don’t soon, we are in great jeopardy of losing our country to the Globalists’ Imaginary New World Order. They scheme and plan and use every trick in the book to level America to the status and quality of a 3rd World country where we won’t recognize our country. America and all we’ve stood for will be gone. But they will still be the Elites controlling every aspect of life…and amassing great wealth. We must not wait until it is too late. Get informed.


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