Mainstream News Backs Khazir Khan, Ignores Patricia Smith

This is what is wrong in the United States. A Sharia Law, Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim immigrant father of an American soldier who was killed in the Iraq war that Hillary Clinton supported is glorified as a voice for anti Donald Trump sentiment. While the mother of a son who worked in the Foreign Service  who was left to die in Benghazi by Hillary Clinton’s failure to send help prior to and during an attack on a US consulate is ignored. The ambassador of Libya had asked for months for protection to be sent and when attacked, yet Clinton ignored the call. It was Clinton’s State Department that started this conflict in Libya to overthrow the Ghadaffi regime. It was Clinton’s State Department that allowed the 4 deaths of Americans to take place. 
What is the difference between these two men who died for the United States? Why is one family being touted as more important than the other? Why does the mainstream news not tell the full stories in both cases? What is being hidden from  the American voter? And most of all, why do Americans continue to allow this to happen? 
Khizr Khan stood in front of the DNC and spoke of how Donald Trump shouldn’t be President because he wants to stop the illegal immigration of Muslims into the United States. Claiming his son wouldn’t have been allowed into the US if it were up to Trump, that in fact was a total lie. Holding up a Constitution that in fact has nothing in it about immigration was a nice dramatic affect. And if mainstream news would look at who Khizr Khan really is and what he stands for they would tell you he doesn’t support the US Constitution and in fact is working to destroy it. Sharia Law and the US Constitution do not mix well. Sharia Law is total control and void of freedom. Sharia Law does not separate church from state as Sharia Law is the state, Islamic State. 

So what is the mainstream new’s angle on hiding the truth? It is simply that the Globalist, as they are doing in Europe are following the plan to use the religion of Islam to disrupt and destroy western culture and the Christian religion. Its not that the Globalist are Muslim themselves but in fact most are followers of ancient pagan gods or followers of Satan. Those at the top of the Globalist movement the Puppet Masters who control the leaders and governments of a majority of western nations, by using money and allowing these leaders to have a sense of power. Have elections in the west rigged and controlled to always have a Globalist puppet win. Major news outlets throughout the west are the propaganda tool as they only tell the public what they want you to know. As is being done here. 
That brings us back to Khizr Khan and Patricia Smith the parents of fallen American sons who paid the ultimate price for you. The truth is both of these brave men were sacrificed by the Globalist in the earlier plan to disrupt the balance in the Middle East and Africa. To create the turmoil politically and socially we now have. Pat Smith who spoke at the RNC about the treatment she has received from the US government and Hillary Clinton directly, has been ignored. Ms. Smith tells the truth that the Globalist wish you didn’t know. She was shamed by some in the news media for using the death of her son “for political reasons.” While Khizr Khan was heralded as a great man for speaking about his sons death and using it for political reasons. The difference a week makes in the narrative is stunning. 
Both Captain Humayun Khan and Sean Smith have been forever silenced and were sacrificed by a government that began unjustified wars. Hillary Clinton the Globalist puppet voted to invade Iraq where Capt Khan died, and she pushed for the destabilizing of Libya and then did nothing to protect the Americans there, causing Sean Smith’s death. She is the villain in both cases however mainstream news covers it up. Donald Trump who was against the Iraq war and the Libyan destabilization program, that if we had followed his views both men would most likely be alive today. Somehow the media makes Trump the bad guy. 
 Khizr Khan should never use our constitution again for his lies and being a Globalist puppet. We have laws for legal ways to enter the country, he knows them as he used them. If going by the laws and protecting the country is to him wrong, then I don’t know what to say. Tell the truth Khizr Khan tell America all about Sharia Law and what your Globalist masters have planned. 


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