ABC News Story Half True, Globalist Planning Trump Assassination

ABC broke the story that the GOP is looking into ways to replace Donald Trump on the ticket if he decides to drop out. This story has been floated around for sometime now. Trump has no plans to drop out, however the possibility is increasing that the Globalists are planning to assassinate Trump prior to the election. The polls being thrown out to the public are false. Trump is surging way ahead. Hillary Clinton the Globalist backed candidate is unelectable and they know it. This election has become life and death not only for Trump but the United States also.
The Khizr Khan scam, reports that Trump is unstable and the many other lies and rumors being planted by the Globalist propaganda machine are not working. Hillary Clinton and the corruption in Washington DC have been exposed. Americans are awakening to the facts and seeing the truth. 
The Globalist are planning to assassinate Trump as they know the true polls and they know he is for real. They cannot allow him to be elected or serve one day as President of the United States. Their Globalist One World Government is at stake. With Brexit going against them and the rest of Europe waking up to the Globalist plan, the beginning of the end is near for them. A Trump presidency is going to reverse the accomplishments made by the puppets of the Globalist. Those in Washington who are fully controlled by the Globalist are being exposed for who they are. From Hillary Clinton to Ted Cruz those that sold their souls to the special interest aka; Globalists. 
So be aware America these Globalist puppets are telling you nothing but lies and are using every trick to make you believe them. Your elections have been rigged for years. You have had no say as to who becomes president. Both political parties have been involved and go along with the corruption. Donald Trump broke their control because the voters (you) came out in force. You have to do it again this November. If the Globalists plots continue to fail don’t be surprised when the Globalist attempt to remove their Trump problem in the same way they removed the Kennedy ones. These people play dirty and have no souls. Seth Rich, John Ashe, Chris Stevens and others have been silenced forever because they threatened the Globalist control. Let’s not Allow them to silence Trump. 


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