Obama Rants, Clinton Panics, MSM Lies, Globalist Losing Ground

When a president with one of the worst records in the entire history of the United States claims you are unfit to become president,, it is actually a good thing. President Obama did just that yesterday saying “Donald Trump is unfit” among other statements that continue to show how he, the news media and Globalist are sidestepping the truth. Their is no doubt about Obama’s record economically, in foreign policy, causing the decline of the US military, how divided the country is and his open border policy that puts America at risk for terrorism. There is also the coming announcement that healthcare costs will be increased by 65% due to the failure of the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare). This was to happen November 1 2016 but has been moved to December 1 2016 due to the elections. 
Hillary Clinton who didn’t really win the Democratic Primary, yet was given the nomination through voter fraud, suppression and full blown corruption within the Democratic Party, has been having trouble gaining support while on the campaign trail. As was the case during the primary, those attending her speeches are small in number, while Republican Nominee Trump’s continue to grow. The Globalist controlled mainstream news is releasing altered polls showing Clinton ahead of Trump. While Democratic Convention speaker and Sharia Law follower and promoter Khizr Khan who has major ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Clinton Foundation and Saudi Arabia has been exposed as a plant, the MSM continues to cover this up. As Patricia Smith who spoke at the Republican Convention is still ignored by MSM. Clinton has claimed that Ms. Smith isn’t telling the truth about their conversation, basically calling her a liar. But, that’s okay, Hillary is allowed to do that?
Despite being backed by MSM Hillary refuses to hold press conferences and yet nobody asks why? Imagine having a President who doesn’t hold press conferences. Hillary can’t take the chance because of all the lies she has told. From Benghazi, her use of a private server for emails, the in your face steal of the nomination, the Clinton Foundation and the list goes on. Donald Trump on the other hand accepts all questions from the press and answers them. He fears nothing and nobody and is transparent. 
What MSM fails to tell is that Donald Trump is not controlled by the Globalist aka; special interests. That is why members of the Republican Party like McCain, Romney, the Bush family, Ted Cruz and others who are in fact Globalist Puppets like the Democrats, attack Trump and call him unfit. He is “Not a member of their secret societies” as Newt Gingrich has said. “They can’t control him” was the key Gingrich statement. Trump is for real and he does know what the Globalist are doing to you and your country. “MSM is dishonest, Hillary is Crooked and Obama is a disaster.” All truths that Trump has repeated. 
What is known is that Trump holds a 10-15% lead in real polls if not larger. It is also true that the Globalist will try to steal the election as they did the primary for Hillary, Bernie Sanders actually won the votes. but the Globalist flipped the numbers for Clinton. A fact that Wikileaks revealed with the DNC emails. Americans need to vote this year and watch closely for anything that is out of the ordinary. All votes should be backed by a paper receipt, this should be demanded by the voters. Its time to take back the democratic process and stop allowing the Globalist to continue their fraud against you. 
The great Clinton Globalist Machine is about to end as Bill Clinton who appears to be suffering from Dementia or Parkinson’s, is unable to handle the usual campaign riggers and will have limited exposure. The Globalist Elite from Wall Street are about to be fully exposed for their corrupt ways. Those involved  in the creation and backing of ISIS are soon going to have to answer for it. The border will be secured and the flow of illegals into America will be curtailed. MSM and its propaganda will be forced to actually tell the real stories and the truth. Our men and woman in the military won’t have to run around the planet being put in harms way because of  lies and false flags, they will have the equipment to do the job if and when they are needed to defend the nation , not Globalist driven destruction of lands and people. 
This election is your chance to right the wrongs and retake your government from the Globalists, Donald Trump is not perfect but he is a true Patriot and believes in the same things you do. Freedom, prosperity for all, America first and that document falsely used by Khizr Khan, the Constitution of the United States of America. 


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