Are Hillary Clinton Voters Unaware Of The Truth?

I must admit that I am totally at a loss when it comes to hearing anyone who thinks Hillary Clinton is presidential material. This woman has done nothing but lie, cheat, deceive and destroy people, places and things. Nobody can stand up and give in detail one thing that she has done for anyone. Not one thing she has done to help out America while being involved in Public Service. The list of being involved in corruption and fraud is long and with her emails we see that she exposed government secrets to our enemies, she allows enemies into her inner circle and allows enemies to speak at a convention that she had stolen the nomination to become nominated at. Documented, yet seems nobody cares.
Everything is right in front for all to see, but nobody looks, so I assume they don’t care. She worships Satan and this has been confirmed repeatedly by former political handlers, secret service agents, government whistleblowers and past and present Satanist. Hillary Clinton oozes evil, just look at her demeanor, it says it all. Does anyone look?
She and “husband on paper only” Bill have run a foundation that only gives 15% of the donations to charitable causes. The other 85% goes into their pockets as well as friends and family. The donors are a whose who of international people and corporations who received favors in return. All documented yet does anyone look? Ask the people of Haiti about the Clinton Foundation.
She did not act to save the lives of 4 Americans in Benghazi then lied to congress about it. She was involved in providing weapons to Al Qeada and ISIS, where is the outrage? She and Bill helped the CIA run drugs in and out of Mena Arkansas while they were in the State House, its documented what was going on back then, has anyone looked?
Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt and evil person to ever be allowed to run for president. She will destroy everything your forefathers and mothers fought and died for. The constitution will be dismantled piece by piece, the true economy, the one that we have, not the rigged stock market will continue to deal hardship upon hardship upon us. Her tax plan calls for raising taxes on the middle class and claims the rich too, don’t count on the rich as she will allow so many loop holes that they won’t pay many real taxes. She plans to continue many of the same policies of the failed Obama administration. She also plans to raise taxes on fuel by 25% and watch for a carbon tax, due to the scam of man created Climate Change. Hope you’re adding this up because your Social Security tax and Medicare tax will be increased too. 
The educational system will continue to fail and it will continue to teach indoctrination not the three R’s. The number of vaccines will increase as will the spikes in Auto Immune diseases due in part to the vaccines. This will drive healthcare costs even higher and cost you higher insurance payments. The Civil Wars in Africa and the Middle East will continue and the threat of World War III will become reality. Europe and the US will begin to practise Sharia Law and continue to destroy Christianity. We will become one with Canada and Mexico and be closer to the goal of One World Government controlled by the Globalist Elite with little to no freedom at all. Limited choices and limited lives. All documented, all true. 
I know I’m insane and a Conspiracy Theorist or so you will be told to think. That’s the problem here, I am telling you the truth. Its all documented its all there for you to find. They aren’t hiding it anymore as they don’t think you care. My question is do you care? Do you care enough to stop Hillary Clinton and her Globalist friends like John McCain, Ted Cruz, Sandy Pelosi etc… Doesn’t life and liberty mean anything at all? 


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