Patriot Donald Trump Under Attack From Anti-American Globalist Establishment

According to the Establishment propaganda machine, the Globalist owned mainstream media, Donald Trump is insane. They also claim Donald Trump is dangerous, racist, sexist and every other negative they can muster. All without one shred of evidence to back up these claims. The constant lies are propaganda 101, keep repeating the lies until they become the truth. Why doesn’t MSM attack Trump’s issues, like taxes, creating jobs and his health care plan? Because they can’t find anything wrong with these issues. Why does MSM just continue to lie? Because they have to, as they are owned and controlled by the Globalist. 
What happens to those who go against these Globalist? Remember Tim Russert of Meet the Press continually pushing George W. Bush and his 2004 opponent John Kerry about both belonging to Skull and Bones, the infamous Yale based Secret Society? Both appeared shocked at that line of questioning from the MSM journalist. He also angered Hillary Clinton in her bid for the 2008 Democratic nomination. Russert didn’t always play by the Globalist rules. He died of a heart attack in June of 2008. And don’t forget Andrew Breitbart who died while crossing a street at 43 of natural causes in March of 2012. He was a staunch American Patriot who sought out the truth and wrote what he found. He had written many articles that didn’t win him any Globalist friends.
Our MSM has been nothing more than a Globalist tool, they rarely do truthful stories as most find out quickly after leaving college. Forget everything you were taught about journalism, you are paid to report what you are told to report. Use the skills you have learned to make lies believable. What is so sad, is that these so-called journalists and news commentators are so willing to look into a camera or put their names on articles and knowingly lie. They have to become Con-men and women in order to be employed. 
Everyone knows Hillary Clinton is corrupt, yet MSM stays quiet, they know she has severe fits of rage, is a pathological liar, has committed multiple crimes against the United States and the people. Where are the stories? Why doesn’t MSM call her out? It is simply that MSM from the New York Times to CNN are nothing more than Globalist hacks that won’t risk their paychecks or their fame in exchange for one ounce of the truth. This country, this Republic means nothing to them. 
So its business as usual as today’s headlines, opinion pieces and breaking television news reports will be more lies and more deceptions. MSM will continue to attack Trump with words that are based on fictions thought up overnight by Globalist cronies. They will continue to tell you that the truth are lies and the lies are truth. You are to believe everything, just because they say it. 
I can see them now, Insane Donald Trump Kicks Puppy At Rally That Few Attended, New Poll Hillary Clinton 85% KKK Member Donal Trump 10%, Trump Children Quietly Seeking Psychological Help for Deranged Father or Breaking News: Hillary Clinton Denies She Ever Said “What difference does it make?” About Deaths in Benghazi. Nothing should surprise us anymore, it has become this ridiculous. The Globalist Establishment truly believes they can tell you anything and you are too dumb to know the difference.” And that is the truth.”

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