Hillary Clinton Lies Again Big Surprise!

Hillary being Hillary lies again, someone is going to claim she must be delusional. She again claims that James Comey, FBI director told congress that her statements about the emails have been “consistent and truthful.” Facts being facts is that Hillary said “she never sent classified material via her private server” in the congressional hearing. Comey told that she was found truthful when speaking to FBI investigators. So two stories were told one truthful and one lie. Sorry Hillary that doesn’t add up to being truthful.
And considering your position as Secretary of State and you used one server for both private and government emails. That means of those 30,000 you deleted many more were Top Secret. Can’t imagine only 120 Top Secret emails in 4 years. So the lies may fool some but not all of us.
Just another day in the life of Hillary, Lie to the American people, thinking you’re getting away with it. Just more proof how dangerous she is. 


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