ZIKA Outbreak In Florida Similar Too Brazil? Oxitec’s Genetically Modified Mosquito, Bill Gates Connection

The Mad Scientists did it again, when will they stop trying to genetically alter plants, animals and insects? Every time they do, it becomes a disaster. Note to Scientists you can’t replicate or modify nature. Oxitec, the British Company along with millions in funding from Bill Gates may have just unleashed another wave of the Zika virus, this time in the US. The first was in Brazil that has now spread north to Central America.
Oxitec developed a genetically modified Aedes aegypti mosquito or as they call it OX513A. Its purpose was to take male mosquito’s that don’t feed on human blood and modify them so that when they breed with females, the offspring die in the larvae stage. Basically killing off of the Aedes aegypti species, that originates from Egypt and Africa. Known to be a carrier of disease causing viruses, this mosquito had found its way to the Americas over the years possibly by boat. Oxitecs targeted viruses such as dengue and Chikungunya. 
With trials in Grand Cayman and Malaysia Oxtec claimed success, however Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology looked at Oxitecs information and found concerns. There was a decrease in the Aedes aegypti population by up to 75-80% but what kind of new breed had evolved? The Institute found “deficits in the Scientific quality of regulatory documents and general absence of accurate experimental descriptions.” Yet these findings were soon bypassed and Oxitec moved on to Brazil with its first OX513A mosquito farm in 2012, they promised the eradication of dengue fever that had increased in recent years. 
In late 2015 Brazil had begun to see an increase not in dengue fever or chikungunya but the Zika virus that can cause children to be born  with a condition known as Microcephaly. By 2016 Zika became a major health concern throughout Brazil, South America and Central America. This virus is connected to monkeys then transmitted to humans by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, there is no treatment or vaccines for Zika. Reports also now claim Zika can be sexually transmitted also. 
In early 2016 the US Food and Drug Administration gave the go ahead for Oxitec to release their OX513A mosquitoes in Florida. Within 2 months we now have an outbreak of Zika in Florida not linked to sexual transmission. They are spraying insecticide by plane throughout the Miami region where the Zika cases have appeared, this too is a health concern. 
Here is the equation: Bill Gates the Microsoft founder, Gates Foundation founder, and pro vaccine supporter, Owner of a large share, through the Gates Foundation, of Monsanto the GMO pushing Corporation, in our foods, major funding source in the development of the Oxitec’s genetically modified mosquito OX513A, huge Climate Change promoter and known eugenics supporter who has been quoted “350,000 people a day must die” as he believes the planet is over populated. 
Yes there is a contradiction here, pro vaccine and pro eugenics. The question is, is this a contradiction as the Gates Foundation has been involved in vaccine programs in the third world for sometime now? It has been found that some vaccines lower male reproduction as do GMO foods. This in turn lowers population growth. The Zika virus that risks children born with Microcephaly in turn will make women of child bearing age think twice about becoming pregnant. Honduran health officials have just released a statement that all Hondurans should refrain from pregnancy for two years. Doesn’t this fit eugenics? 
Am I wrong or am I right? 2012 Oxitecs begins Brazilian OX513A mosquito eradication program. 2015 Zika virus cases explode and spreads into neighboring countries and into Central America. 2016 The FDA clears the way for release of Oxitec’s OX513A mosquito program in Florida and within months numbers of Zika cases climb, Florida begins massive aerial spraying to eradicate mosquitoes, the CDC ramps up research into a vaccine to prevent Zika. Looks like science failed again. We now have a virus that is not only transmitted by mosquitoes but is also transmitted by sex. An attempt to modify and beat nature by modification has caused another problem. 
This equals: As the saying goes “if it looks like a duck, smells like a duck and feels like a duck, it must be a duck!” The OX513A mosquito has become a bio weapon that delivers a virus that will in effect lower birth rates due to fear. The Globalist Elite have found a delivery system for all types of bio engineered viruses and diseases. This is another form of world population control. The Oxitec program didn’t fail, it is sadly a success as they achieved exactly what they were trying to achieve. It is all in the timeline, Aedes aegypti mosquito presence little to no known cases, introduction of OX513A then Zika outbreaks. 
Sources: Foxnews.com, ABCnews.com, STATnews.com,    


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