Trump Acting Presidential Clinton Begins Meltdown

Donald Trump speaking before a large crowd in Green Bay Wisconsin is beginning to look and act more Presidential, He endorsed Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan in his home state as he had planned. Many still don’t understand that Trump knows how to hit his marks and does it where and when it is most useful. As Trump has said from the beginning he holds his cards close and only plays them when needed. This dispels the loose canon myth perpetuated by Mainstream Media. Trump is as comfortable in front of a crowd as well as in closed door meetings, Rarely does he take a shot at anyone without knowing the true facts about the subject or person. Brutally truthful unlike the politicians and MSM that most Americans are used to. 

While Hillary Clinton is showing signs of the rumoured inability to handle stress. With WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange ready to release more Clinton and DNC emails you can see the stress wearing on the face and actions of Clinton. She’s having trouble keeping her stories straight and is blurting out some truths amongst the lies that she relies on. Her recent admitting that she will “raise taxes on the middle class” is true. She had her Globalist friend and supporter, multi billionaire Warren Buffet sitting just feet behind her when she claims to be against Wall Street Bigwigs. A Freudian slip for certain, as her inability to keep her lies separated from the truth is shinning through. Her small crowds are also telling as she has trouble getting her venues filled while Trump venues are bulging at the seams and turning thousands away.
Clinton then had to do damage control for her out right lies about FBI director Comey’s statements to Congress. He never said as she originally claimed that her statement to Congress and those to the FBI were consistent and truthful about sending and receiving Top Secret emails on her private server. She flat out denied doing so when asked during her appearance in front of the congressional hearing. Comey said she in fact did send Top Secret emails. He also said that if anyone in the FBI was found to do the same as Clinton had they would loose their security clearance and face being fired and criminally held accountable. 
Then yesterday Clinton actually referred to Trump as her husband before quickly changing her words. Word out of her campaign is that Hillary is revealing violent episodes as she is panicking over the true numbers in polls that show her ahead in MSM releases but only after the numbers are flipped to favor her. She is also fearing that the emails coming out will show all the corruption and fraud she was involved in as Secretary of State. She knows what was deleted but she mistakingly thought they would never be seen. She knows now that they still exist and her career is almost finished. 


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