Obama/Clinton Muslim Brotherhood Importing Terror

With news that President Obama will reach his goal of 100,000 Syrian refugees/migrants, Fears rise that the US will begin to suffer terrorism on a scale similar too Europe. Other concerns range from insiders reporting that those numbers are not even close to being correct as there are many more thousands possibly tens of thousands who have been brought in. And the major questions as to why the Obama administration is limiting these refugees/migrants to 97% Muslim and so few Christians. The reason behind Obama’s denial in allowing Christian Arabs to come to the US has so far been left unanswered. ISIS and other rebel forces attempting to take down the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad has long targeted the Christian minority in Syria as well the other countries that were hit by the revolt known as the Muslim Brotherhood’s Arab Spring of 2011.
We in the West can deny that these ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq have nothing to do with religion, we fail to understand the region. The Middle East has been fighting religious and ethnic wars for centuries. Muslim vs. Christian, Muslim vs. Judaism, Sunni Muslim vs. Shiite Muslim and so on. The Syrian war is not much different other than Assad’s regime like his fathers is not a religion based government per say, it is a Dictatorship backed by the Ba’ath political party that leans to the left.
What began when the US invaded Iraq another Dictatorship controlled by Saddam Hussein who was removed from power, left the vacuum for religious leaders and ethnic groups to fight for control, the whole idea of some type of democracy was Ill advised and had little to no chance to succeed. Hussein was a Sunni Muslim, that is the minority in Iraq, The Shiite majority had long suffered under Hussein’s regime. This caused an unwillingness for these two groups to come together. On top of this there are the ethnic Kurds who have long awaited and have fought Turkey, Iran and Iraq for their dream of having their own nation of Kurdistan for untold years.
When the Obama/Clinton foreign policy team promoted, funded and armed the Muslim Brotherhood’s movement in North Africa and the Middle East the complete deterioration of these areas began. Several semi moderate governments were overthrown as were other less moderates. Libya had direct US involvement as Col. Gaddafi lost control, groups from outside of his borders with US backing overthrew him in a violent battle for control. Still today, Libya is torn into factions and unstable as different groups, some political and some religious attempt to seize control. 
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak who had been a long time US ally was forced into internal exile as the Muslim Brotherhood backed by the US, won a short lived victory for control of Egypt through protests that led to elections. It soon became clear that American educated and backed Mohamed Morsi who had become the president of Egypt was steering Egypt into a strict Islamic State type of system. The military soon rebelled and took the reigns of power from Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood backed government. 
This US backed Muslim Brotherhood Arab Spring was the beginning of the attempt to overthrow Assad in Syria, with US, Saudi, Jordanian and Turkeys backing. Rebel groups were trained in Jordan to take on Assad’s Russian Iranian backed military. ISIS was born from these US, Saudi and Turkish moves. With weapons from the US given in Libya and Iraq, US training in Jordan, Saudi money and Turkey acting as broker for oil from the oilfields controlled in Syria and Iraq, ISIS quickly grew into the terrorist organization we see today. 
The entire world has been effected as millions of Muslim refugees/migrants from Syria and Iraq flooded into Turkey who then pushed them north into Europe. Merkle of Germany welcomed this flood of Muslim refugees/migrants, that soon wandered into the whole of Europe. Others from conflicts in Africa and Afghanistan soon joined the march to Europe. This has caused a major political and cultural crisis throughout Europe as Islam slammed into the Christian Judea west. The Muslims brought Islam and Sharia Law with them and refuse to assimilate into western cultures. We now see the results as Muslims have set up in specified areas throughout Europe, and run these mini Caliphates within major cities placing Sharia Law into place. There are regions within France, the UK, Germany, Sweden and other European countries where western culture is forbidden. 
The most radical of Islamists go on rampages against the citizens of their host countries as laws and cultural norms are ignored. Crime rates have soared and terrorism has become almost the norm. European culture and society is being destroyed by the Muslim refugee/migrant crisis. Bringing old world beliefs into new world nations does not mix. 
The Bush administrations overthrow of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein followed by the Obama/Clinton backed Muslim Brotherhood Arab Spring has directly been the cause of the growth of Islamic terrorism throughout the world. To believe it was done by shear stupidity would be foolish. As the goal has been to create a one world religion and Islam is the one the Globalist have chosen for their One World Government. An all out final religious war that has been fought in the Middle East for generations has been placed into Europe and is being brought into the United States. The goal is to end the Christian and Jewish faiths and western culture. Our Establishment Globalist politicians have been working on this for some time. Bush, Obama/Clinton took the war to them to bring the war home under the cover of being humanitarians and allowing refugees/migrants to flee to safety in Europe and the US. The war on terror is in reality our Establishment Globalist Elitists Governments war on us our Constitution, freedoms and future. 


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