What Is Wrong With You? America Wake Up! Globalism Will Destroy You

As I observe this years presidential election cycle “I am absolutely stunned at the ignorance that has gripped this country.” Eight years ago I too fell for the well spoken junior senator from Illinois. When he promised change and transparency I was lulled into believing it was to stop the decline of our country. After 8 years of George W. Bush’s lies that followed 8 years of Bill Clinton’s, I was certain that Obama was the answer. He defeated Hillary Clinton who I was never going to believe. He then beat John McCain the ex POW who supports war, any war. And seems to have purposely thrown the election by  picking Ditzy Sarah Palin as his running mate to insure his defeat at the polls. 
Obama was going to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he was going to make Washington DC transparent. “I mean this seemed a no brainer.” Yet, I knew there was a problem from day one, at his swearing in. Why did the Bush’s and Clinton’s appear so happy? They seemed to be congratulating each other. I knew then that trouble was ahead. Our system was a full blown scam. The two parties were in reality one in the same. One was to satisfy minorities and the poor while the other was to satisfy the rich. Giving us the illusion of choice. 
I remembered back to GHW Bush telling the United Nations about the New World Order. He seemed so certain it would come about. Well its upon us now and unless we wake up and stop listening to the propagandist mainstream news and lying politicians who are railroading us into the New World Order or as its known today One World Government, say goodbye to the freedoms and dreams you once held so dear. 
We have been heading into this for sometime now, this hasn’t happened overnight. It has taken decades for the Globalists who are the ones who are bringing this hell on earth to us. It began in earnest after World War II as Europe began its slow process to unite under one flag. Through trade agreements that eventually took the sovereignty of each country and combined it into the European Union (EU). One flag was born and the Globalist One World Government blue print was in place. 
With The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed into law by Bill Clinton, NAFTA combined Canada, Mexico and the United States into the first stages of the North American Union. Just like the EU, the goal is to become border less, as eventually all three will be as one. That is why Globalists Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are allowing open borders, what we see as illegal immigration is in fact to them just free movement. Part of the Globalist One World Government plan. 
The (TPP) Trans Pacific Partnership is another piece of the plan as it will join more countries into the Globalists sphere of control. This is the normal procedure to combine countries without war into one. Within the so-called trade agreement, the wording allows for independent councils to be set up that take over the economies of the signed nations. If you no longer control your own economy you are no longer an independent nation. The councils are non elected individuals who are directly controlled by the Globalist Masters.
In the United States the move from state control of education to federal has done nothing but supply the Globalist with indoctrinated individuals who lack the ability to think for themselves. Free thinkers are not welcome in the Globalist One World society, only those who follow orders without question are wanted. They are training our young people to be slaves to the Masters. To believe in socialism as the only type of government. No individual thought or ideas. Socialism is best suited to control a population as the people become dependent on government for everything needed to live. 
In order to dismantle the freedoms we have left the Globalist have ramped up the racial and religious divisions within society. This along with terrorism leads to violence between all groups who are turned on each other purposely. Don’t think that Black Lives Matter is led by individuals who really care about justice or equality. These are Globalist themselves who have been promised seats of power within the Globalist structure. Their only job is to create chaos and cause division as with the massive Globalists induced migration of Muslims into Europe and the United States. Islam and western culture are polar opposites. As with the flooding of Mexican illegal migrants is nothing more than a way to have reason to expand government and again cause chaos. 

All is part of the plan of the Globalists, chaos and violence will cause the people to fear for their safety. The people will demand government action, falling right into the trap. Loss of  the last freedoms we have, through the complete dismantling of our Constitution and complete control by the Globalist One World Government.  
Your vote this year is the last if you don’t wake up to reality. Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party is a Globalist. Jill Stein of the Green Party is a Socialist but not a Globalist, Hillary Clinton as are the vast majority of Democrats, is a Globalists and Donald Trump and a growing number of Republicans are not Globalists. Many Republicans are on the fence and watching to see if Americans have reawaken, the Globalist faction is splintered between Gary Johnson and Hillary Clinton. 
The entire campaign by the Globalist media and politicians against Trump has been due to the knowledge that he will begin to end their power within the United States. His policies are actually sound and will reverse those of the Globalists. He supports lifting the controls of the federal government imposed by Globalist and returning power to the states as it was intended. He will appoint Supreme Court Justices that believe in the Constitution as written not the liberal thinking, that you can ignore those words given by our founding fathers to ensure freedom that includes, freedom from an obtrusive and corrupt government. 
It is time America, It is time to wake up and stop the insanity of allowing the Globalist to enslave you and stop them from lying to your face while pushing the knife in deeper into your backs. Are you weak and unable to think for yourselves? If so then vote for Hillary. Or are you strong and want to be allowed to think for yourself, make your own decisions and be free of government control? Then you have one choice and that is Donald Trump. 


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