Hillary Clinton’s Mental and Physical Health is Failing, Bill Clinton MIA as His Health Questioned Too

After years of waiting to fulfill a life long dream of being President of the United States, questions are being raised as to Hillary Clinton’s health. She has appeared tired and frail as she has been helped up stairs by her security detail. She has suffered from coughing fits for the past two years as only those in the press can speculate about her physical condition. The Clinton Campaign remains silent and brushes off such speculations about her condition. 
There are reports by anonymous sources within her campaign that Clinton, who has a history of violent outbursts has become worse as the campaign begins its final stage. The level of stress from repeated scandals and the constant fear that those once thought deleted emails that will prove without a doubt the amount of corruption she has been involved in is taking a noticeable toll. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has let it be known that he is about ready to release more emails that should get Clinton Indicted.
Huma Abedin the long time aide to Clinton who has served her prior to being Secretary of State and after. Has stated in emails that revealed her concerns about Clinton acting confused as far back as the State Department days. This brings to question if Hillary is physically or mentally capable of being President of the United States. Her health seems to be declining and the term is 4 years. Some transparency of her condition should be demanded. Too many scandals for too many years causing too much stress may be what causes Clinton not to be able to achieve her most desired goal.
The rumours also are that Bill Clinton is suffering from an as of yet acknowledged ailment(s). His appearances have been heavily limited and he was seen sleeping during Hillary’s acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention. Longtime friends say that his physical appearance is not good as he looks much older than his years. From Cancer, Dementia, Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s no one knows for sure as nobody who could know is talking. 
The Clinton’s have lived a life of power and privilege, they both seemed destined to greatness. Though the marriage seemed only to be for show, they were THE power couple of Washington. Their careers are marked by scandal after scandal yet they seemed to skate by them all. Bill the good ole’ boy from Arkansas who could talk in a way that made people forget the truths. Hillary’s role was the attack dog who spent her time following Bill and cleaning up his messes. 
The Clinton Crime Family as they have become known, in truth seemed to be a reflection of the old Mafia movies with Bill playing the Godfather and Hillary being his Underboss and Enforcer. The end of the line seems near. They both may have escaped criminal charges but they don’t seem to be escaping the ravages of the stress their chosen lives have created. 
The days of fraud, corruption and alleged murders may soon be behind them. Despite a political machine that controlled even the press who helped hide the truth from the American voters may have pulled off its last big scam by outright stealing the primary election from Bernie Sanders. Who was either involved or due to fear said little and endorsed Hillary then walked away. The polls are obviously not true as Hillary can’t even fill a high school gymnasium while her opponent Donald Trump can fill arenas and still have to send thousands away. The only way she can possibly win is through an all out election fraud that President Obama who out right lied saying “their is no such thing” when Trump brought up the possibility of a rigged election.
Don’t be surprised in the coming weeks to see Hillary have few personal appearances as she is just not capable of handling the riggers of a campaign. And when the debates happen, that are timed to compete against major sporting events to lessen exposure, don’t be shocked to watch her be destroyed by Trump as he will be Trump and be relentless. Hillary stands no chance at all, she knows it and so do those who have backed and covered her and Bill for years. They got her to the starting gate but she just doesn’t have the stamina physically or mentally to finish this, the biggest race of her life.


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