Democrats & MSM Demand Political Corectness From Trump While Clinton Has Taliban Supporting, Terrorist Father Mateen Center Stage

While bashing Trumps comment about Supreme Court picks, twisting the meaning of his words. Mainstream Media is silent about Clinton having an enemy of the United States, Taliban supporting Afghan terrorist father of Florida attacker, seated prominently in every televised shot,of campaign event in Florida. 
Going beyond ridiculous MSM is attempting to distort the perceptions of the public. But what are they saying? Supporting the 2nd amendment is bad? But supporting terrorism isn’t? Unfortunately that is exactly what has been the goal all along. The Globalist backed Obama and Clinton Democrats have been attempting to eliminate the 2nd amendment and force Americans to give up their guns. While they arm and fund terrorist throughout the world. Omar Mateen’s father didn’t just happen to sit behind Clinton, he was purposely seated there. For all to see the true agenda of the Globalist. Just as having Mega Billionaire Warren Buffet speak then sit onstage while Clinton spoke about taxing the rich and middle class at another event. 
Obama was just caught paying Iran, the country classified as the largest state sponsor of terrorism $400 million in non American dollars for the release of hostages. Emails that prove the DNC rigged the primary in favor of Clinton over Sanders, emails that prove Clinton allowed hackers access to National Security secrets. The emails that MSM ignore are the smoking gun, the deleted 30,000 are available but being kept out of sight as they would reveal even further, just how corrupt Washington DC is. 
If MSM would do their jobs and do as the purpose of the 1st amendment is for being there, it would truly be as our founding fathers meant for its inclusion as the first and most important part of the Constitution. That being the watch dog that ensures that the truth would be at hand, not a propaganda tool as MSM is today. 
Americans deserve the truth and should demand it. Hillary Clinton is seriously ill and yet MSM only says it is shameful to mention it, nothing to deny the fact, they just say that it shouldn’t be talked about. Unfortunately her health, physical and mental is important. This is the presidential elections not the lady down the street. Clinton influences all of our lives by her actions, if she can’t fulfill the duties required then we have the right to know. Its shameful not to be concerned and made aware of her health.
Its shameful and almost criminal that MSM is putting out fake poll numbers and claiming they are real. 49%-39% Clinton? Who are they talking to? She can’t get a high school gymnasium filled while Trump has to turn away thousands from 8,000 seat arenas. And now MSM is using computer graphics to fool the public into thinking Clinton is filling up venues, the sounds of crickets is the give away. 
To hell with political correctness and to hell with the constant lies. We are Americans and we deserve the truth, we deserve our rights and we deserve not to be monitored and spied on just because. Clinton and MSM want us to believe that they don’t support terrorism? Well khizr Khan the ISIS supporter speaking at the Democratic Convention and terrorist Omar Mateen’s father who supports the Taliban that kill our soldiers in Afghanistan, sitting in every televised screen shot of a Clinton political event says otherwise. Obama giving cash to Iran, keeping emails that show fraud, collusion and other crimes from the public is beyond question all the proof needed. These people are all anti American. They want to destroy our Republic and us. 


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