How To Ensure A Fraud Free Election This Year

With the Democrats pulling off a huge election fraud by claiming a Clinton win over Bernie Sanders we now have irrefutable evidence that it can and has been done. They have had their rehearsal and are preparing to pull off another fraud in November. They are putting out fake poll numbers in advance to give the illusion that Clinton is ahead simply so when they give out the fake numbers on November 8th people will accept the lie. 
Several states have cleared the way for fraud by not requiring voter ID’s, claiming its a disadvantage to the elderly and poor. This is all just a scam as an ID is required to receive any government backed program from food stamps to medical. No ID, no vote its not unfair to anyone, having people running from polling station to polling station voting without ID is unfair to everyone.
Contact your local election boards and demand that you be able to receive a receipt with your vote once you have completed voting. No paperless voting machines, as they are the prime source of fraud. Don’t believe the lies that they can’t provide a receipt. demand that they do it.

If you can, vote absentee and fill out your ballot, copy it and return mail it by certified mail, don’t let it be claimed it must have been lost. 

If you notice anything questionable on voting day, alert the proper authorities. Don’t mind your own business, a truth full vote result is your business. 

These are just a couple things to do. You owe it to yourself to be proactive about your right to vote. This is a very important year as we need to stop the lies and corruption. 


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