Clinton & Obama Can’t Deny Being Co-Founders Of ISIS, Trump Telling The Truth

As is known Donald Trump says some things that MSM and many think is untrue or just plain outlandish. The truth is he is just telling the truth, he again did it by saying that Clinton and Obama are the co-founders of ISIS. The sad reality is that, just as Al-Qeada was the creation of GHW Bush, ISIS was the Iraqi version and began under the Obama administration. Trump knows how the realities of the Globalist take over is planned, he knows the major players and purpose of creating enemies to rally the country behind the government and why.
As Hitler used the Communists and Jewish people to blame everything wrong on in order to gain support for war and to rally the German people behind him. Our government used the Soviets and the Domino Theory threat to rally Americans from the 1950’s to the end of the Soviet Union. Once this threat was gone a new one was needed and that’s where CIA asset Osama bin Laden became our number one National Security concern, bin Laden the Saudi national who led the Afghan/Arab Mujahedeen against the Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan was the perfect choice for the role. He was a Saudi and the ties between the US and Saudi Royals led to the 9/11 False Flag. Before building 7 of the World Trade Center was brought down by demolition, Osama bin Laden and his now named Al Qeada was the culprit. 
This gave the George W. Bush administration the go ahead to start the Globalist destabilization program of the Middle East by going after Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. We also went into Afghanistan supposedly to take out bin Laden and the Taliban government that allowed Al Qeada to train terrorist. It also gave Bush the clearance to invoke the Patriot Act that sounds American but in reality allows the Federal government to ignore the Constitution and Bill of Rights. What Americans don’t know is that this along with the future plan done with the Muslim Brotherhood and so called Arab Spring was the next phase of the Globalist plan. 
The invasion of Iraq was done under the guise of Hussein having Weapons of Mass Destruction. In truth he did have chemical weapons that he received from the US. They were given to him while he fought Iran, he also used them on the Kurds in Northern Iraq. His remaining stockpile was found,mbut this was hidden from the American people because they were our chemical weapons. So the claim was set aside and the reason for the overthrow became the found to be false notion that Iraq was trying to buy nuclear weapons on the global black market. 
Arab Spring was a US and Muslim Brotherhood operation to take out those governments in North Africa and Syria that held back the Islamic State threat. Radical Islam is nothing new but governments like Libya, Egypt, Syria and others were not supportive of this form of strict Sharia law type of religious control. The Saudis, Qatar and United Arab Emirates follow Sharia Law and were religious enemies of the Hussein, Gaddafi, Mubarak and Assad regimes as they  allowed their Christian and Jewish populations relative freedom. Age old religious war that the US and other Globalists chose to join with the branch of Islam that demands its followers to kill all nonbelievers and take over the world. A perfect ally for the Globalists.
Turkeys Erdogan is a key player as he has had the goal of turning Turkey into an Islamic State. The US leaving Iraq and major stockpiles of weaponry behind to arm ISIS, Arming the factions that opposed Gaddafi who are in reality remnants of Al Qeada and the new ISIS terrorists, the US also began training anti Assad groups to overthrow his regime in Syria. This was all planned to created chaos in these regions that would create a mass exodus of Muslim refugees first into Turkey then to Europe. All under the claim of humanitarian need the European Union set numbers for each member to accept. All planned to bring terrorism to the forefront and create chaos to take the rights of the European people in order to protect them from terrorist that were brought in to specifically cause the chaos. 
We in America are having terrorist brought in for the same reason. Trump advisor Ret. General Michael Flynn who served under the Obama administration as head of Military Intelligence and FBI director James Comey  have both warned us of this fact. Trump is 100% right by saying that Clinton and Obama are confounders of ISIS, he is also right in saying terrorists are coming into the United States with the help of Obama. He is also correct by saying Clinton will allow more as she wants to increase the numbers 550%. Its all part of the Globalist plan to create chaos. Its all part of the New World Order, Globalist One World Government plan. And Donald Trump knows it. 


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