CNN Becomes Laughable As They Use Lies To Attack Trump

The lousy reporting didn’t just start now, CNN who used green screens during the first Iraq war to make it appear that their reporters were under fire, are at it again. Twisting and turning Donald Trumps words about the 2nd amendment, claiming he was telling people to kill Hillary Clinton. Then starting a rumor that the Secret Service investigated Trump for it. Such a sad commentary and show of extreme bias that CNN has against Trump. This isn’t reporting the news its full out just making it up. Total Globalist propaganda.
Trump has said the truth and that is that Hillary Clinton is against the 2nd amendment. He said at a rally that “perhaps 2nd Amenders could do something about that.” Somehow CNN and others twisted that to mean Trump was advocating violence. He was at a political rally trying to get votes as that is the whole purpose of a political rally. Seems that CNN thinks its something else. Think of it as the person with a dirty mind who, no matter what someone says it is twisted to mean something dirty in their mind. The problem isn’t what Trump said it is what those who heard it and claim it was a statement to kill someone thought. It is their minds that go directly to violence and hate, just like the paid Trump protesters who shouted “Trumps  hate leave our state” during the primary, as they spit on, punched and cursed Trump supporters. They showed hate yet claimed they were against it. Very sick in reality as they didn’t seem to know the difference. 
CNN’s Don Lemon who is a full blown propagandist for the Globalist, called former secret service agent Dan Bongino a liar on air when they became embroiled in an argument on what Trump meant. That is the major problem as these Globalist don’t know how to handle plain spoken words as they are so used to code. Truth means lies and lies mean truth. Words and reality have become so twisted in their minds that they have become like idiots who can’t figure out what truth is. When you live a lie, report lies as truth and lie all the time, you only believe lies as your mind can’t handle the truth.
CNN also reported a full out fictional story by Tami Luhby and Jim Scluto, “Secret Service Spoke to Trump about 2nd amendment comment.” A total lie that never happened but became a part of their inability to report the truth, other so called news outlets ran the same, saying that CNN broke the story. There was no story, it wasn’t true, but nobody bothered to check out the validity of this hit piece. We are seeing this time and again, The Huffington Post reported that the statement released by the Secret Service was “sinister”, all the Secret Service said was they “were aware” of what Trump said, how is that sinister? These are people who know what a death threat is and they didn’t hear what the polluted minds of the Globalist propagandist liars heard. 
We in America have been misled and lied to long enough by MSM, they do nothing but Globalist propaganda. This entire election cycle has revealed the massive corruption in politics and within MSM. We now know its okay for Hillary Clinton to commit crimes including treason, that our elections are rigged, that our government is totally out of control and MSM backs them up. They call Trump dangerous and he is, to them, he is telling the truth and that terrifies the Globalists. How dare he expose them for who they are? How dare he tell the truth? 
So we have a choice, a man who is standing up to the Globalist liars that have one goal and that is to continue the lies and deceptions in order to destroy you. A man that is risking everything for one purpose and one purpose only, that is to take our country back from the claws of the satanic Globalists. Or we can just give Hillary the White House and follow along like mindless sheep who don’t use our brains and be led to slaughter because she says its good for us. “Just walk off that cliff, go ahead you won’t get hurt, they say its okay on CNN.”

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