Hillary Clinton Busted Again Pay For Play Scheme Unveiled

You had to know it was coming despite all of the MSM deflecting the truth for the Globalist Queen Hillary. Those darn emails that are gifts that keep on giving. Its becoming clear that Clinton was selling American favor to anyone for a donation or paid speech to the Clinton Foundation. Anyone is the important word here, a warlord from Sudan to a Lebanese business man to a Russian owned mining company. All that was required was a nice donation or excessively high payment to Bill Clinton for a speech and whatever you wanted was granted. Guns, mining contracts to military intervention. 
The corruption that is the Clinton’s is immense and covers the spectrum of every crime imaginable. From lying under oath, sexual assault, theft, murder to treason. Its just ridicules that they have been given the unexplainable right to continue to commit crimes without ever being charged over so many years. And sadly this shows just how rotten politics in America has become. It shows how every branch and every agency of the federal government has been infiltrated by the Globalist. We are under attack from within and are in severe  danger of loosing our entire government to these criminal elements of the Globalist backed hierarchy. 
With Trumps disruption of the plans for Hillary Clinton’s cake walk into the White House, more of her and government crimes seem to becoming more apparent. Normally such things as Obama purging the military of its top generals went without fanfare by the Globalist propaganda MSM. However with Trump pointing out corruption at every level the American public is seeing, many for the first time, just how bad corruption is. Unfortunately some refuse to believe the truth as MSM is working overtime to deflect and cover up the crimes. According to MSM Trump is dangerous and incites violence yet Hillary is so innocent despite her obvious anger issues and laughter at others who have been killed or harmed. What is right is wrong and wrong is right according to MSM. We are living in an Orwellian nightmare. 
It is time for the end of the Clinton crime spree. Their arrogance is so obvious as they will lie despite having been caught red handed. Its almost as if they dare someone, anyone to challenge them. James Comey the FBI director tells the world that she in fact did commit crimes but yet no recommendation for charges. Was it fear or a debt owed from a past favor that caused Comey to allow another Clinton crime to go unchallenged? Why did Bernie Sanders suddenly decide to drop his socialist movement and throw his supporters under the bus? Was he paid off, threatened or a plant to grab the far left for Clinton? He was cheated out of his winning of the Democratic nomination yet suddenly fell into line. 
Its up to the American voter to take down the corruption and take back their country. Its time that we the people retake our government from the Globalists and their criminal puppets. Hillary and Bill Clinton should pay for their crimes, all the Globalist that have infected our political system need to be removed from their offices and seats. Too many lies, lives lost and suffering has been inflicted upon Americans and peoples of the world to justify allowing another Globalist into the White House. Wake up, stand up, be heard and be proud to say “I am an American, I am free and I am for truth and justice.” Stop the Clinton  crime family now, demand justice. 


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