World War III Is Happening Right Now, Globalists Waging War On Your Freedom 

As we in the United States are witnessing a rigged 2016 election cycle with MSM claiming that Hillary Clinton is winning in the polls, despite her inability to produce support at her speeches, while Donald Trump’s rallies number into the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands inside and outside of his events. Clinton’s mental and physical health is rapidly deteriorating, She has again been caught in another crime yet MSM ignores these obvious facts. All you hear about is “Trump said, and this is what he means”, as they twist his words and ignore the truth. Never before has an election cycle seen the total constant attack on a candidate by every source based on nothing more than lies. The Globalist run MSM is under orders to destroy the truth and therefore Trump. And none of these mouth pieces has the guts to stand up and tell the truth about what is really going on. 

 The Stock Markets are being artificially supported to give the illusion that the economy is fine. Fuel costs below last years highs by over a third, despite lower production as the major oil producing countries are involved in war or a complete collapse of the nation as in Venezuela. Oil prices are low not because of lower demand but as a tool to destroy certain economies and technologies. Russia and Venezuela have suffered as has the shale and fracking industry.  All of what you see on the economic front is by design, Bankers and Corporations rake in profit while you loose ground, struggling to pay your bills and praying that tomorrow you still have a job. 
The mass migration of millions from poor backwards cultures into the west is the Globalist plan to cause chaos as cultural and religious beliefs clash. Causing crime, hatred and terrorism. This also puts a strain on government resources as these migrants come with no job skills or education. The health risk is also of concern as these migrants bring diseases once thought eliminated in the west. This all creates a clash of civilizations. Donald Trump warns of it, Europeans are living it and Hillary Clinton vows to bring more of it here. She is just following the Globalist agenda to destroy America as we know it. 
GHW Bush told us “it will happen”, Bill Clinton began the destruction of our industrial base and the middle class, and the war on Black youth, NAFTA and his Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. George W. Bush with the now known help of the Saudi’s pulled off the False Flag of 9/11 that gave us a major blow to our Constitutional guaranteed rights by implementation of the Patriot Act. Also the beginning of the Globalist destabilization program of the Mideast. Obama followed with Common Core destroying our educational system, Obama Care that has caused massive increases in healthcare costs and created the part time only job market. This also has made it difficult for small businesses to remain or even start. Obama/Clinton began the destabilization of Africa and furthered Bush’s Mideast plan. Obama/Clinton also through policies linked by arming and funding created the rise of Islamic terrorism world wide. Obama began the open border policies on our southern border, causing crime rates to soar along the border states. Obama is also the main culprit with MSM in creating division between races. Clinton vows to increase all of this.
We have been in a war for many years and didn’t even realize it. The Globalist are inside of the very government they are destroying and through fake elections and MSM propaganda they have sold you on the ideas that will destroy you. Ask yourself why the head of the United Auto Workers Union would support Hillary Clinton and her Globalist policies? Thought they were to protect the American worker? But they support the moving of Auto production out of the country? Even our unions have become nothing but puppets to the Globalist agenda. 
Donald Trump is our last hope to save this country, he is George Washington 2.0 as Alex Jones calls him. We need to rise up America, we need to wake up and start using our brains and open our eyes. This is war, a war on you and your freedoms, lives and futures. Don’t buy into their lies and deceptions, Russia is being set up to be reason to falsely rally you behind these Globalists who are your real enemies. Get out and vote, volunteer to be poll watchers, keep the Globalist Hillary Clinton out of the White House, call and email your elected officials tell them your tired of the deceit. Tell them your mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore. Life truly does imitate art. 


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