Confirmed: Hillary Clinton Unable To Preform Duties As President Of The United States

With what was leaked to yesterday by the Secret Service that confirmed the speculation of some. Hillary Clinton’s condition does not allow her to preform the demands of being President of The United States. Parkinson’s disease is degenerative and will become worse with time, there also comes a 30% risk of mental disorders. She does suffer seizure type episodes when too much outside stimulation by light or sound is around. Until a complete medical evaluation is preformed her complete condition is still speculation but the Secret Service confirmed that she was indeed diagnosed with Parkinson’s, her problems walking and the seizures are confirmed. 
Hillary has not held a press conference for almost 257 days, she also has done little campaigning as a result. Her speeches are short as she seems to get on stage then off as soon as possible. The job of president requires someone who is fit and able to preform under pressure, it is a 24/7/365 job and unfortunately Hillary’s condition would make this impossible for her to do. In emails that WikiLeaks released Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin, has mentioned that Clinton was often confused, and required help to figure things out. So despite all the denials and deceptions we now know that Hillary is unfit literally.
Many will point to Franklin Roosevelt and say, he preformed the duties even during war. But it must be noted that the press did not report his condition at the time and it was only physical and had no bearing on his mental abilities. At this juncture in world history we need a president that can react instantly and not one who becomes confused and disoriented while under pressure. How the Democrats have allowed Hillary to become their nominee is beyond explanation, they even stole the nomination for her. The Clinton inner circle has preformed the most unjustifiable act by keeping Hillary’s medical condition quiet. 
Husband on paper only Bill has said that by electing Hillary you will have him back in the White House too. Was this the plan? Was Hillary, even in a condition that doesn’t allow her to preform daily to be elected then Bill Clinton take over the daily operations of the Presidency? Was this to be Bill’s third term? With all the scandals and bypassing of laws it wouldn’t be out of the question that this has become the Clinton plan. Past evidence of them sharing power is there, so this wouldn’t be any different. 
MSM has not even looked into any of this as they push the fake polls and run false stories about Donald Trump,  MSM claims all Trump supporters are violent and racist, they claim Trump is dangerous and unfit. MSM doesn’t report anything about the emails that show the true corrupt and criminal activity that the Clinton’s and Democrats are involved in. MSM have become an integral part of all the Clinton crimes. 



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