Fake Polls, MSM Propaganda Isn’t Working Clinton Slips Again

The Trump Train continues to roll over expectations despite all of the dirty tricks piled on the tracks ahead of it. The Establishment Democrats and Republicans are realizing that their lies and deceptions are not working as they begin to show signs of panic. Voters are coming out in droves to hear Donald Trump and show support, while Hillary Clinton is finding it harder to find anyone to bother showing up. 
President Obama took time off one of his many vacations to campaign for Clinton at a fundraiser where he warned that Democrats shouldn’t become over confident. Vice President Joe Biden joined Clinton at an event in his hometown of Scranton Pennsylvania. Biden tried to sell the idea that Clinton knows how to handle foreign policy, and then showed just how inept he is by pointing out his military aide who carries US nuclear codes for all to see. All that Biden did was confirm what Trump has been saying all along, the Obama administration is full of stupid people who don’t know what they are doing. And yes Clinton stumbled again while walking away from the podium just solidifying the concerns further about her health.
The New York Times ran a story claiming financial ties between Trump campaign advisor Paul Manafort and the former Ukrainian government that was allied with Russia. Manafort quickly denied the story. Democrat VP nominee Tim Kaine met with the son of George Soros who DCLeaks just exposed as financially backing and interfering in many European elections and the overthrow of the before mentioned Ukrainian government, Soros is also the financial backer of Black Lives Matter and a major contributor to the Clinton campaign. 
The War Hawks of both parties have thrown their support behind Clinton as she is sure to continue the policy of endless war. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is set to continue to reveal more emails that expose criminal activity by Clinton and her aides, Congress is readying perjury charges against Hillary for her lying to them about her multiple server use, and exposing Top Secret information to hackers worldwide. The IRS is looking into the Clinton Foundation and there will be more about the deleted emails as the National Security Agency has all of her emails. And the Clinton pay to play scheme is evident. 
The American voter needs to wonder why Wall Street would back the candidate who promises to raise their taxes? We must also demand that Clinton and Trump have complete medical work ups done as they are both over 65 and the job ages younger people noticeably. MSM needs to start giving stories based on truth and stop the continuous outright lies. Everyone one needs to understand what Globalism is and understand who those that sponsor it are. As the saying goes, “you get the government you deserve.” The first thing we need to do is stop our nations direction of moving further into the Globalist One World Government. Hoping onto the Trump Train is the first step as he is not a Globalist. Trump is a Nationalist and wants us all to remain free. Read, read and read up on the truth about Clinton and you will have your answers. She despises our system and our freedom she like all the Globalists are criminals and Satanist. Wake up! 



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