Many In Baton Rouge Louisiana Are Asking, Where Is Black Lives Matter Now?

After massive flooding that followed torrential rains that has caused an emergency for many throughout Louisiana many, Black residents are asking where is Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panther Party? With the recent police shootings that BLM and NBPP come out to protest and claim to represent the Black communities, it is very noticeable that in this weather related life and death situation that neither of the so-called Black movements are to be found. 
Residents are without food and water and many are trapped in the flooding, yet the only help is coming from the local police and fire departments plus a few federal agencies with many locals helping out. It appears to many that BLM and NBPP don’t really seem to care since this situation doesn’t involve a political agenda and would just be common decency. With the recent leak that George Soros has given BLM $650,000 many wonder what the money was for. It certainly isn’t so BLM can help Black Americans that are in a life and death situation other than a police shooting. 
This is the reality of our times, hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars are wasted for political show, while people suffer and do without. The BLM and NBPP have shown that their words are cheap and that unless they can manipulate a situation in their favor for political purposes they seem to look the other way. Theses Black lives in Louisiana don’t matter at all to them.
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