Trump Prepares For Final Leg Of Campaign By Adding To Staff

In a meeting Sunday, Donald Trump brought together his “Four Core” as the newly promoted campaign manager Kellyanne Conway refers to the top four staffers. Conway who has been senior advisor and pollster for Trump and Mike Pence will take the vacated title of Campaign Manager that Corey Lewandowski’s departure had left unfilled. Jared Kushner Trumps son-in-law had been acting campaign manager. Stephen Bannon the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News LLC will be the Chief Executive of the Campaign. Bannon is a staunch conservative with anti establishment leanings who like Trump is known for his bare knuckle approach. Paul Manafort will remain as Chairman as will his deputy Rick Gates who are the moderate voices.
Many in MSM are claiming this as a shake up, however Conway doesn’t agree with that description. Trump who prefers the off the cuff no holds barred style of campaigning that he is known for, has used telepromters for his policy speeches. As he did Monday and Tuesday of this week. Nobody should read much into this or the adjustment to his staff. Trump is known to have the right people placed in the right positions at the right time throughout his business career. These latest moves will only combine the moderate styles of Manafort and Gates with the hard hitting styles of Bannon and Conway. 
The Core Four will give Trump the needed variations in advice that will lead to victory in November. Look for Trump to continue to hit Hillary Clinton hard as he will continue to expose her corruption and lack of judgement. He and most of his supporters know that this is not only a battle between Clinton and himself, it includes a MSM that will outright lie in order to quell the uprising of the American electorate. There is too much at stake as the Globalists are going all out to silence this movement in any way they can. As Trump visited Wisconsin yesterday he made sure that he told another overflow crowd that this election is our “last chance.” 
Most Americans are unaware what Globalism is and they don’t understand the ramifications of it. Just as Clinton’s VP pick Tim Kaine told an audience in New Orleans recently “white people must become a minority in order to properly atone for racism and oppression suffered by blacks.” We hear similar statements from Europe. Globalism is to destroy all that is of western culture including Christianity, families, property ownership and create racial turmoil. We see it now as home ownership dwindles, job markets that only allow part time and low pay, and the chaos in the streets even when a black criminal pulls a gun on a police officer despite the officers race, and is killed. Paid by Globalists and given legitimacy by Globalists Obama and Globalist MSM, instigators call for attacks on white people. When in fact its the failures of the Globalists like Tim Kaine who have created the entire situation.  
Trump will not abandon his values and style, he may bend at times but as is well known about him, he is a fighter and he will not quit. He views adversity as a challenge and he will personally take on any and all who come at him. This is the final round for America, and we need a knockout in order to win. All races, religions and ethnicity’s that make up our country need to rally behind him. Send Globalism and its Satanic ideals and values into the depths of history as the Empire that failed to enslave all of humanity. 



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