Islam Being Used By Globalists To Destroy The West

After centuries of jihad, those who follow the Prophet Muhammad and his teachings are set to conquer the world. This war with nonbelievers has been on going ever since Muhammad and his followers (army) began the history of Islam in 622 AD in Medina in what today we call Saudi Arabia. The problem in the West is that we lack the understanding of just what Islam is. We have categorized it as a religion like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism or any other belief. We who are tolerant of religious freedom and have become less aware of the realities of the wars and their ancient causes in the Middle East and elsewhere. We think of religion as being past by word of mouth or conversion by choice and have become ignorant as to history that shows something different. 
We need to realize that religion was spread not by peaceful means but by believers of one religion conquering the lands of those who believed in other religions or ways. Then by migration into new lands bringing religious beliefs with it. The Americas were conquered by Christians under the governments of England, France, Spain and Portugal. The people who followed were of the same or similar beliefs. History doesn’t state that Christians colonized the New World but in reality it did. As Islam spread from Medina in 622 to the far reaches of Asia, Africa and into southern parts of Europe not by peaceful means but by wars over the centuries. 
Today Islam is being spread again by war but not by invasion of an army into Europe, the United States and Canada, but by a complicated plot being carried out by Globalists who have allied with Islam in order to destroy the cultures and societies of the West. Islam is being used as the catalyst to create chaos and eliminate the freedoms of the people. Since Islam is very restrictive upon the people who follow Muhammad’s teachings it is the perfect ally for world domination by the Globalists. 
By using the religious freedoms and laws in the West that allow them, it has been easy to infiltrate the governments and therefore the power structures. A pincer move by the Globalist is at play as they dominate the top and Islam is coming in from the bottom. The end goal is for Sharia law to dominate all law. Islam is not just religion as it is a doctrine that rules all of life within its grasp. You agree to it and don’t question the Laws that Muhammad claims to have received directly from God (Allah) from the Archangel Gabriel. There are no deviations, no free will as you must conform to the entire set of laws or the penalty is death. 
What we know as terrorism by ISIS and others is acceptable and mandated by the teachings of Mohammed as he is the perfect example of how man is to act according to Islam. The way he acted is the way every Muslim male is to act. The beheadings, crucifixions, drownings, stonings and amputations are all justified as this was what Muhammad had done. Slavery is allowed under Islamic law as well as the beating of wives and all of the law that is dictated under Sharia. Muhammad taught his followers that it is prudent that you lie in order to achieve the goals of Islam. And simply put that is to dominate the world. It is every Muslims duty to achieve the elimination of all nonbelievers.
The Globalist hierarchy is made up of people who are not involved in traditional religions but lean towards the ancient beliefs of the pre-Christian era or Satanism. They are the 0.1% of the top 1% you often hear about. They have gained control of all the monetary systems and the majority of governments in the West. They have long held the belief that they alone have the right to own and control the world. They have been seeking an ally that could move the populations into a stricter more limited way of life, they needed the freedoms they also used against the people to gain more control from within. They have attempted many forms and types of government but nothing has worked to date. So as a last ditch effort they realized that Islam and its total domination under the guise of religion was the perfect fit. Islam and western culture are polar opposites and would create chaos at unprecedented levels. Overthrow the governments that hold back Islams all out attempt to conquer the world and allow it to cause the destruction of all free societies. Using the Trojan Horse of humanitarian need to allow Islam to move freely into the west as refugees from war. Then watch as Islams own doctrines attack from within. 
Basically the Globalists and their belief of mental superiority over all of mankind, are using those of Islam to do their dirty work, thinking in the end they will be able to control Islam also. The blame is fully on the Globalists who have unleashed Islam upon the world through policies of the governments they control. A Religion based war that shouldn’t have been, has begun with the full backing of the Globalists. Their final phase to destroy the world as we know it, pitting Christian against Muslim, creating racial divisions throughout the world, causing governments to challenge each other, all to create the need for one entity to stop all of the chaos. That entity being the Globalists who in fact caused it all in the first place. 

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