Open Letter To Hillary Clinton

As I sit here this morning wondering about the future that awaits while drinking coffee and reading newspapers and other mainstream news sites online, I can’t help but wonder where you are and what have you been doing? I see that you’re not doing many public appearances or holding any press conferences. Find this a little strange since you are running for president. Is this a new campaign technique? Stay out of sight and don’t be heard from.
I did read that a federal judge said that your deposition on those pesky emails can be done in writing. That’s nice of him not to make you have to go out in this heat. I also noticed that unlike your Republican opponent, you called Louisiana instead of going in person to meet with those people who are dealing with the aftermath of the flooding. Better than an email i guess. Did you call Julian Assange also? That was terrible to hear that his lawyer was killed by being hit by a train. Makes me wonder how all these people involved in testifying or about to or leaking things that show what you have done seem to die by accident, suicide or unsolved motiveless murder. It was also a good thing that your husband, Bill not Donald Trump, just happened to be in Phoenix when the Attorney General landed. It was nice that they got the chance to catch up on family, golf and their travels. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the FBI investigation about your emails. That ended a week later didn’t it? 
I can’t wait to see the faces of those rich people when you steal “oops typo” get elected. I Imagine they will be surprised that after giving you millions for your campaign you are going to raise their taxes big time. And don’t worry I’m guessing that all Americans want things to stay as they are as everything is going so well. We also agree that we need to be disarmed, who needs guns anyway? Only criminals need them, and so getting rid of the 2nd amendment is a great idea. In fact throwing out that whole Constitution thing sounds pretty good. Nobody pays attention to it any more, just a bunch of rights that are guaranteed. 
I know you’re busy so I should let you go. Hope you feel better, your secret is safe with me. I haven’t told a soul about your illness and I don’t think anyone else has noticed. Staying out of sight is working great, maybe you can cancel those debates. They might let you write them in or call, just figure out a good excuse. Tell Mr. Soros hello for me, love what he’s doing. Hope he succeeds at causing the collapse of another country, the Ukraine was priceless. Has he told you what country is next yet? Oh don’t tell us, we all love surprises. Well see ya next fall, have a nice trip, sorry just joking, but do watch your step Hillary that last step is a doozy. I’m saving up to rent the Lincoln bedroom, can’t wait until you get into the White House. After all we need another good war, all that death and destruction is invigorating, I know you agree. 
P.S. Just having a little fun with you Hillary, you and I both know that Donald Trump is going to win the election. We both know that the polls are false and you lack support from anyone other than Globalist fat cats who profit from your policies and back door deals. And the Communist Party that you see eye to eye with. You and Bill had a great run but it looks like its over. Take the millions and just go quietly off into history. The truth is always revealed in the end always.



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