Proven Failures Obama and Clinton Do Nothing For Flood Victims

As Donald Trump diverted his Campaign to go to Louisiana Friday morning and offer support for the people who suffered from the Flooding. Obama still refuses to interrupt his golfing vacation as he through the Department of Justice sent on Tuesday only a (16 page guidance) to warn people not to discriminate. They warned Louisiana recipients of federal disaster assistance against engaging in “unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin (including limited English proficiency).” According to the Washington Times. And Obama has not missed a Tee time since. And has MSM said anything about his obvious lack of concern? The answer is no as they are more concerned about the Olympics.
Hillary Clinton who still is doing only limited campaigning and apparently has the “Do not Disturb” sign on the door of wherever she is located, could only call in her condolences and support. MSM assures us she is perfectly healthy and rumors to the contrary are only a far right conspiracy. There is still little if any reporting about the pay to play revelations in connection with the Clinton Foundation. The only thing from there, is that Bill Clinton will step down from being co-director and an assurance that when Hillary becomes president the foundation will not accept donations from foreign individuals or governments. They will be redirecting their efforts and this will take approximately a year. They must need the year to figure out other ways to receive these pay offs.
So while Hillary lays low her VP pick Tim Kaine has been touting the line that Muslims treat women more equally than we do in western culture. Kaine seems to be against everything about western culture and is showing that he is 100% Globalist and a Agenda 21 believer. He also thinks that all white people must pay for racism and oppression towards minorities. He like Hillary and Obama also believes that its the police that need to adjust as it is their fault that the conditions of communities within the inner cities are the cause of the shootings. A total disregard of the fact that its been 50 years of failed policy by the Democratic Party that have run these cities where the problems are most evident. 
Obama and Clinton are prime examples of the attitudes of the establishment politician. When problems arise they blame others and do nothing concrete to change anything. And the MSM that no longer does investigative news stories and has been relegated to propaganda duties, has become useless. Failure is the norm and nobody challenges the status quo. Free speech is being censored and political correctness has taken over and has led to the ignoring of truth. Maybe this year people will begin to see exactly what is wrong and begin to fix it.



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