Trump Spends His Time With The People, Clinton Rests And Does Fundraisers With Super Rich

What is becoming more of the same as Donald Trump continues to hold events with overflowing crowds, he also adds time for doing those things expected of a President. While in Wisconsin he took the time to look into the recent police shooting in Milwaukee, then he and his runningmate Gov. Mike Pence flew to a non-swing state, Louisiana to see first hand the devastation of the flooding that killed 13 and displaced over 100,000 people. Hillary Clinton stays unseen except for an occasional event with embarrassing low turn outs and doing fundraisers with the super rich, her only true supporters. This should give insight to the American voter as to how both candidates will act upon winning the presidency. 
Trump is a hands on, always on the move type, as he knows first hand knowledge is better than being told of a situation by others. He goes directly to those on the ground who are dealing with a situation first hand. Never known to work out of an office, Trump has always preferred the on sight management style he learned from his father. He listens to all sides before he makes a decision. He is old school, “let’s get it done right the first time” type. One of Trumps biggest problems is that MSM doesn’t tell you who he really is, as they are too busy trying to destroy him with articles and news stories that twist and turn the facts.  The real Donald Trump is a man of blue collar origins who lives in a white collar world. He believes in his country and believes in the people, he knows the truth about what the Globalists have planned and he is willing to sacrifice everything he has to stop them.
Hillary Clinton is of a much different mindset as she uses her lawyer training to look at all situations through eyes fogged by years of manipulation and corruption. Her first thought is how can she gain the upper hand? She has used people and law to become powerful and untouchable. She see’s herself as above everyone else. She has dreamed of becoming the most powerful person in the world since she was little. She along with her husband “on paper only” Bill have not allowed anything or anyone to stop them. Known for unethical and immoral actions the Clinton’s built alliances among the most corrupt people in the world. Hillary’s only goal is for herself to be President and to hell with anyone who gets hurt along the way. She will smile and look you in the eye while she plots against you. She is feared in Washington as all know the wrath of Hillary Clinton. Her constant lying has always been known yet somehow ignored by MSM. We are led to believe that the truth is a lie and only Hillary’s lies are the truth. We are all to just accept this and move along as we can’t seem to stop her. It is as if she is a Queen that is totally out of her mind and we are the subjects who go along with everything, knowing it is wrong, but also knowing and waiting until time removes her from the throne. 
So while MSM continues to deceive you about Trump and ignore the Mad Queens indiscretions we must realize that what we are told is not true by them. It is what we see that is true. Your eyes can’t lie even if your brain tells you otherwise. Donald Trump looks and acts like a President, Hillary Clinton looks seriously Ill and acts like someone who thinks she is above all of us and the law. You see a Trump rally and there are thousands cheering both inside and outside, the air is filled with enthusiasm. Go to hear the Queen speak if you can find an event and notice that hardly anyone shows up and its almost as if those attending are cheering on cue, as an unseen person holds up the “Cheer” sign. And really ask yourself why MSM does not run stories about the truth? Wouldn’t you rather read or watch stories about the truth? There is a way to force MSM to give you the truth. Boycott them, don’t watch them at all or buy their newspapers or go to their websites. Its all in the numbers and they pay attention to their numbers as their numbers equal dollars.


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