2016 Election Being Rigged In Front Of Your Eyes

This is no conspiracy theory as it has been done before and is happening again. This election isn’t even close as the MSM polls would have you believe. its part of the process to give the illusion that Trump and Clinton are neck and neck and could go either way. The truth is that Hillary Clinton is trailing even the Green Party’s Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson in some online polls. The Democratic ticket is shipwrecked as the scandals and further leaked evidence of Hillary Clinton’s many criminal activities can’t be hidden despite the massive MSM use of deceptions that gain little ground. Her latest claim that Colin Powell told her to use her private servers has been denied by Powell. He told her to use her private servers for personal email and the State Department email server for SD business. Just another Hillary lie.
Donald Trump and his surprise take over of the Republican Party wing of the true one party system, has caused the establishment to go into full panic mode, as Trump seems always to be one step ahead of them. This election wasn’t supposed to go like this. Trump and also Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side revealed the unforeseen uprising from the right and left against the status quo. The Establishment Globalists must act quickly to repulse these movements. For the most part Bernie Sanders sold his movement out and walked away leaving it leaderless. Trump isn’t walking away and his movement is growing by the day. Of course MSM claims otherwise.
It was quickly noticed that the Republican National Convention had more viewers by millions then the Democratic Convention. That was telling, as was the disruptions that Bernie’s people did during the convention. Trump took a hit when paid plant Khazir Khan was unleashed on him and MSM did its part to show Trump in a bad light. It soon became clear that Khan was a Con, Just another Clinton Machine dirty trick. Trump’s Train again built up steam and his events became larger while Hillary’s shrunk to nothing. Yet MSM polls would contradict what was seen really to be going on. 
Hillary’s health problems soon became stage center as she didn’t look well and was having problems walking, standing and talking. She has refused to have a press conference for over a year, her speeches are much shorter than Trumps and she revealed that there will be no more events with the public at least thru the end of August. All the while having her staff and MSM claiming that her health is excellent. She is being kept out of sight doing only fundraisers with the rich for reasons as yet to be explained. There are rumors that a look alike is being sought, this may seem unlikely, however throughout history it has been done before in other countries. It is too obvious that something is seriously wrong with Clinton for her to go into semi hiding. She obviously can’t handle the riggers of normal campaigning let alone being President. 
President Obama using his patent laugh it off style, told the press that to claim an election can be rigged is a “conspiracy theory.” He then explained that voting is run by the individual States and would be impossible. Then he said that if the polls where at 15% in favor and a candidate lost then it would be turned over to the Justice Department. Sounded as if he kept talking he might have walked it all the way back and said “Damn right its rigged.” However it has been announced that Jeh Johnson Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is thinking of designating electronic voting machines as critical infrastructure. This would allow the federal government to take control of the election process from the States and cause the addition of Justice Department lawyers, FBI and DHS staff. Johnson claims this would prevent a cyber attack. Problem is this could only happen if the machines were connected through the internet and they aren’t. This move by Johnson is highly suspect since this issue only came up after Trump spoke of his fear of a rigged election. Most would worry more of the possibility of impropriety if the federal government became involved at the start. 
The fake polls and electronic voting machines that have been proven to be susceptible to rigging by programing the individual memory cards that tally the machines votes, along with MSM using photo shopped video and pictures to give the illusion of large crowds at Clinton events while downplaying the size of Trumps. And possibly having the DHS become involved all spells R-I-G-G-E-D. 
Something else is happening, on October 1st as Obama hands the keys of the internet over to a United Nations backed organization ICANN. It has already been in operation, however once October 1st hits the United States will no longer control the internet. ICANN will have the power to shut down websites it deems to be in violation of user agreements or any other regulation it comes up with. This could result in alternative news sites and channels being eliminated, basically removing most of our 1st amendment rights, and silencing the only sources of the truth we have left. 2016 is a pivotal year for the United States and the world as we know it, this just may be our last election.

Photo: beforeitsnews.com


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