Is Hillary Clinton In California For St. Bartholomew’s Day?

Knowing that those close to Hillary Clinton have confirmed her involvement with Satanic worship, it caught me that she has no events scheduled at all on this Satanic Holiday. Known also as the Great Sabbat and Fire Festival by those who partake in such rituals, I couldn’t help but notice that her schedule was made to take her to California from Monday the 22nd to Thursday the 25th when she appears in Reno Nevada. She did the Jimmy Kimmel show on Monday night  in Los Angeles acting as if she is doing just wonderful health wise, and sticking to the script that her campaign and Kimmel’s staff had prepared. Of course she was sitting the entire time and yes she had a pillow to prop her up. So this sad attempt to show the world that she is in excellent health did nothing to prove or disprove this claim.
On Tuesday the 23rd she appeared at a fundraiser with celebrities from the entertainment field for a luncheon. This was closed to the press as most of her recent events are, it was low energy and highly controlled. This was originally to take place at Leonardo DiCaprio’s home, however he had to cancel suddenly over the weekend, as word came that his own Foundation was under investigation for improprieties, Justin Timberlake came to the rescue and hosted the “Conversation With Hillary” event. 
On August the 24th, St. Bartholomew’s Day she has nothing scheduled Ironically. I can hear the screams of “Conspiracy Theory!” But you have to wait before you judge. For one this site is called Thoughts and Opinions and that is what it is, my thoughts and opinions. I take information that is at hand and give my thoughts and opinions and am doing the same here. Unless you have been isolated for the past 25 years or so you have heard the rumblings that Hillary Clinton is involved in the occult. Its not farfetched as many of our politicians have questionable ties to secret societies and the occult or ritualistic activity. Skulls and Bones, Bohemian Grove or Freemasonry to name a few. This is what most of the Elite do, whether you want to admit it or not, it is true. 
Hillary Clinton has for years gone to California to participate in occult rituals, even while First Lady she would take trips to California often under the cover of political duty or vacations. And this has all the markings of one of those times. She is in California, she is in the middle of a presidential campaign, she has a lite schedule due to health issues that she denies of course, yet she has had small controlled events/fundraisers on the 22-23 of August this week and resumes in Nevada on the 25th. The only day she has nothing scheduled is a Satanic Holiday, and she is in the state where her coven or church is located. I’m sure her Campaign will claim it is to rest. “Rest?” What is she resting from? She hasn’t been doing anything stressful, they claim she is in excellent health, so what is the real story? She was resting last week also doing small controlled events/fundraisers.
I am sure many won’t believe this simple case of connecting the dots but again this is my opinion on what Hillary is doing. We can no longer keep our eyes wide shut as to who many of these establishment politicians really are and what they believe. We wonder why they seem so different from ourselves and a lot of it has to do with their beliefs. Oh sure some will go to a church or synagogue but in truth like Damien from the movie the Omen they are freaking out inside. Everything about Hillary Clinton is evil, she lies constantly and feels no empathy for anyone. She laughs at death as she did about the violent overthrow of Omar Gaddafi, she allowed 4 Americans to die in Benghazi and famously said ” What difference does it make?” She laughed at how she knowingly got a guilty pedophile off on charges while she was practicing law. She is feared in Washington for reasons nobody dares to speak of. Hillary Clinton is the essence of evil and we must realize it. 


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