Not Again! 14,900 More Clinton Emails, Globalists Weighing Their Options

It is going from bad to worse for the Globalists Establishment, not only has Hillary Clinton’s health issues begun to influence the election narrative. Those emails just keep popping up giving attention to her criminal activity while Secretary of State. The State Department has begun to filter this latest batch that were undocumented and not included in the 30,000 known or 33,000 deleted emails. Donald Trump today at a campaign event in Akron Ohio called for a Special Prosecutor to be named and begin an investigation into the Clinton Foundation, noting that the FBI and Department of Justice can’t be trusted to do the job correctly as the Obama administration is involved in covering up Clinton’s crimes. Trump also stated that this election is beginning to look like a “Landslide” that received booming cheers from the overflow crowd.
The Globalists Establishment has been running a heavy propaganda campaign thru Mainstream Media outlets attempting to cover up the truth about Hillary’s health and crimes. They have been loosing ground as the MSM no longer is trusted by 90% plus of Americans. With Trump talking openly about a rigged election and asking his supporters to be proactive at the polls, this has given Hillary backers fits, as this will block most of the usual election rigging techniques. 
Black Lives Matter, the George Soros financed group responsible for creating racial tensions has been exposed as nothing more than the agitation wing of the Democratic Party. It is loosing ground with Black Americans as their calls for violence are being ignored for the most part. They like Obama and Clinton have been unseen in the crisis in Louisiana and this has angered many in both the White and Black communities dealing with the devastation the flood waters have caused. MSM too has been absent and busy claiming that to do nothing is the best way to help. None of this is the way America has reacted as race and creed is ignored when other Americans are in trouble. We have always rushed to help in any way we can, however the Globalist Establishment is saying we are to ignore the situation. The sociopathic mindset that these people all have is what has brought us to this point in history. 
The open borders between Mexico and the US has allowed an increase of drug and criminal instances to vastly increase. Obama and Clinton smile and promote the complete upsetting of the southwestern states and others. These states resources are stretched to the limit and they are drained by illegal immigrants. The US Military just released an intelligence report from US South Command that said Sunni Muslims (ISIS & Al Qaeda) are coming across unchecked as South American smugglers are helping them in. Add this to the Obama administration bringing in Sunni Muslims through the front door and we are destined to repeat the problems that are destroying European culture. All being done by Globalists too further cause chaos. The ancient tactic of divide and conquer. A Trump election would vastly curtail all of this. 
It has become evident that censorship has been used during this election cycle. Social media and Google have repeatedly been accused of eliminating accounts or manipulating search results to hide facts and truth from the people. Freedom of speech has been under siege for the last year. In parts of Europe posting the wrong post or writing the wrong words can land you in jail. The right to have a differing opinion is no longer allowed. In reality the Globalists have declared war on all of mankind, you either agree or you are silenced, freedom no longer is tolerated. 
Donald Trump has caused the Globalists to become emboldened as they are right in our faces, openly doing all of this. They are basically saying that we will except Hillary Clinton, or they do have other options to ensure that they win this war. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks just avoided an assassination attempt in London. He has been staying in the Ecuadorian Embassy there since a warrant for his arrest was issued in 2010 for rape in Sweden, Assange denies this and believes it to be a ploy to have him extradited to the US for leaking US government documents. He has angered Clinton as he has been releasing damning evidence from emails that are connected to criminal activities of Clinton, the Democratic Committee and Clinton associates. 
The Globalists may be left with one option if all else fails and Trump is elected, that being a Nuclear War with Russia. There has been sabre rattling between Russia and NATO since George Soros, the US and some European Union members helped overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014. This is a dispute between Globalists who want Ukraine to join the EU and Russia that has had influence there for many decades. The Russians saw the interference of the Globalists as a threat. This has led to a NATO troop buildup and a Russian buildup to counter. The US has placed missiles that have nuclear offensive and defensive capabilities. Putin of Russia has repeatedly said that the possibility of nuclear war is imminent. Yet the Western MSM has hidden this all along. 
The German press has alerted its citizens to stock up on food and water and to reinforce their homes, however the reason remains unclear. Other EU states have begun to quietly follow suit. This is a real threat and our MSM has ignored it. There would be no winners if this Ukraine issue should escalate. Putin has said that he will use Nuclear weapons if necessary. And sadly this may be the last option for the Globalists to stop the Trump movement. They understand what will happen as Trump will reveal it all upon assuming the presidency. This already is a war and the Globalists are loosing. The question is just how far will they go to retain power in order to continue their plans for a One World Government. The Globalists have played almost every card they hold and they are loosing but they have a couple cards left, that if played correctly they could still win. But if they lose in the end, will they punish us all by starting the forgotten real threat of a Nuclear Holocaust? 



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