Anti-Trump Protesters, MSM and Politicians Having Trouble Dealing In Reality 

As the clock keeps ticking and we move closer to the most important Presidential election possibly ever, Americans are witnessing the full collapse of civilization. Reality has become distorted as what is being said or seen has absolutely nothing to do with what is real. To be hateful and violent towards others is justified as they claim to be against the hate of others that isn’ actually there. Lies are accepted as truth while truth has become conspiracy theory. A 15 year old in Austin Texas was protesting at a the Trump Rally, when she was asked “why?” Her answer was like most. She looked at the reporter bewildered and said “I don’t know.” Another protester was asked why they didn’t like Donald Trump? They too seemed out of touch, as they looked at the hand made sign they were holding to find out them self. An older protester with clown paint on, representing a claim that Trump is a clown, was asked why she was wearing clown paint? Her answer “they told us to.” And of course a group claiming to be Communists, with faces covered and the ability to only say two maybe three words at most kept repeating “F%+k Trump,” when asked why? Their answer was “F%+k you.” This was a clear representation of the intellectual mindset of the Anti-Trump protester and sadly many others. 
In the MSM we have these so-called professionals who have university degrees that will write or tell you things that they know are untrue. Doesn’t seem to matter, but when challenged they will change the subject or as in most cases just end the conversation. They have no way to support the lies and so its a must to stop if challenged. And yes the use of the words “conspiracy theory” is always used as the response to, in most cases a factual statement. Those words to discredit anything that is in fact true but something they don’t want known were created by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the 1960’s as a way to hide the truth. 95% of the time when you hear or see conspiracy theory in print as a response, it is because the truth came out. 
Here are some of the real conspiracy theories: Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, 9/11, Oswald killed Kennedy, Gulf of Tonkin, eliminating the 2nd amendment will lower crime. The Clinton Foundation, MSM tells the truth, freedom, you are not being enslaved, Climate change is real, Hillary Clinton has massive support from the average American, All those people listed in the Clinton Body Count just had some really bad luck, Black Americans aren’t being played by Democrats as the plan that was hatched in the 60’s created, Obama has done a good job, Islam is a peaceful religion, your future looks bright. The list goes on and on as most of what we have been told or taught is nothing but lies. Yes I added Santa and the Easter bunny for a reason as it shows how we are indoctrinated by our own parents to become used to being told lies. ( A little side note here, I personally could never figure out why a Rabbit would leave eggs, or do I have the whole Rabbit reproductive thing screwed up?) But it shows how humans seem to thrive on lies and ignore the obvious truth. We begin at a young age as when we get caught with cake all over our hands and face we inevitably answer “no” when asked if it was us that got into the cake?
 You would think that as you age the need to lie would fade, as intelligence expands through experience and what you have learned would eliminate the need. Its as simple as realizing that fire is hot and it will burn you. How many times does it take before you learn this fact? Didn’t you reach an age when the ridiculousness of a heavy set guy dressed in red, riding in a sleigh pulled by reindeer that fly is not real? The lie couldn’t be believed any longer because your intelligence wouldn’t allow it. So what is going on now? How can we explain how all of these lies that we have accepted as truth are being pulled off? 
Realize that it wasn’t done overnight as that would have failed quickly, sudden change is questioned even by the least intelligent species. Our mindset today is the creation of the Elite who believe that they alone have the right to make you act as sheep and follow along quietly to even the most ridiculous of ideas. They will eventually get you to not only touch that flame but allow it to burn your flesh and claim that it is in fact not hot. Humans have become more intelligent over time and even those that have stuck to the same traditions as their ancestors, had the ability to learn. Everything has been learned by trial and error. One invention by one individual can lead to hundreds and thousands of other new inventions by others once they have learned the first. 
So where did it begin to reverse? How have we begun to become less intelligent in the matter of a generations time? It is the children, they have short circuited our children’s minds. Literally stopping the ability to learn or think for themselves. Its starts when a child is very young and this is where they stunt the minds ability to grow emotionally or intellectually. After all a child is much more prone to believe a lie than an adult. The plan was and continues to be to create a society of child like adults who are unable to discern fact from fiction. Blurring what is reality and what is fictional.
We are seeing this today as MSM lies, Politicians lie and Hillary Clinton and her Globalist backers are the ones who want you to be child like, they require you to be this way in order to control you. Because that is what the end game is. World domination and the masses are to be slaves to the few who are not of God but of the Evil that believes it is God. The young whose minds have been stunted by forced vaccinations, educational systems that purposely don’t reward individual thought but rather teach our children to follow and never think of leading, they are rewarded for memorizing lies and nothing more. The oldest of control techniques being used to repeat lies until it becomes reality. 
Reality is that we are in serious trouble as a civilization as this is nearing the end of all freedoms and having any choices at all. Your children are going to be nothing but slaves, living in a world of control from an unseen Elite that live behind walls of secrecy and evil. Your children will not be allowed to travel or move around freely, food, water and all that we for the most part take for granted will be limited. As in the book 1984 you are watched and listened to through phones, tablets, computers, televisions and even in your cars. Imagine Hillary’s surprise that she too was being monitored. This shows that she is only a puppet and not the real one in charge. Everyone is monitored as these people don’t trust anyone including each other. These are evil people and what they have done and are doing will become much worse. It is time for us to take our lives and freedoms back while we have the chance still. Demand and get this government by the people and for the people back. Reverse all of the policies that are meant to destroy us all. 



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