Hillary Clinton Back On Campaign After Satanic Holiday, Accuses Trump Of Nativism

After celebrating Bartholomew’s Day with fellow Satanist on Wednesday Hillary Clinton is back to campaigning with an event in Nevada. She plans to accuse rival Donald Trump of Nativism as if that’s a bad thing. 


The policy of protecting the interests of native-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants. A return to or emphasis on traditional or local customs, in opposition to outside influences. 

In other words protecting American culture, ideals and principles. Something the Globalists are against as they destroy local or regional traditions and customs by creating a mass of chaos and violence as the immigrants come and force their religion and laws upon the people who have been there for 100’s of years. We see what Hillary and the Globalists want for America in Europe today.
Since time began man has developed and begun their own and diverse cultures and this has only been a problem when others who wanted world domination came to force their ideas and cultures upon the defeated. Looking back through history this has been done repeatedly as the names of Alexander The Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler and Muhammad come to mind. Each expanded their area of influence and brought their cultural, religious or political beliefs to new lands and many died for these adventures. It was achieved through war and all that comes with it. 
Today we still have the pure definition of war but there is a different strategy being used in Europe and the United States. Our own governments have declared war on their own people. It is a war against our culture, traditions, religions and principles. The Globalists used our own systems of democracy to infiltrate and take over the highest and most powerful positions. They have taken over the press, news media, our school systems and most universities, they will soon have complete and unchallenged control of the internet. All this was achieved slowly and by lies and deceptions, as the people were unaware of what was truly going on. In America Eisenhower warned us as he exited the White House and then Kennedy warned us but this cost him his life. All that tried to give warning have been silenced.  
One man who was well read about history and grew up in New York City, played the Globalist game as he learned who was who and what their plans were to complete the One World Government. He never joined their secret societies as he saw the sickness of many who had. He didn’t just hear of the rituals and child molestation he once walked in on it. Jeffrey Epstein the convicted Billionaire sex offender and close friend of Bill Clinton had invited Donald Trump over to his home. Trump walked past the pool area noticing the young teenage girls, he commented to a friend ” that’s nice he allows the neighborhood kids to use his pool.” Upon entering the house he saw much more and it was then he realized it was time to go. Unlike Bill Clinton who had spent many nights at Epstein’s private Island where lavish parties were thrown featuring underage girls who were nothing more than sex slaves. Trump would have no part of it. You can bet that he is aware of the Satanic worshiping that also goes on within the hierarchy of American politics. This is what held him back from running for president. He was fully aware that if he ran there would be many angry Globalists as they know he knows exactly what is planned. He knows the truth about what they do behind closed doors, he knows all the evil that takes place. They spent years trying to recruit him to join them, He never would.
So here we are at this moment of history, Donald Trump a man who decided to put his life, wealth and future on the line for one purpose. That is to stop the Globalists in their tracks, and take America back from those who despise everything it stands for. His fight is not against just Hillary Clinton it is against the entire Globalist attempt to dominate the world. Its against those sick individuals who tramps around worshiping Satan or doing rituals that include sexual deviances, sacrifices of animals and children. People who love destruction and death and love power and wealth. He knows we are in a war right now. And he wants to win it as, yes he is a Nationalist, Constitutionalist, Capitalist and Nativist. The world is a better place when the diverse cultures all have their own areas and we are allowed to enjoy our own ideals, religions and principals. There is no room for one set of rules for everyone throughout the world, there are too many cultures and as they say “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” The Globalist idea can’t bring peace as its entire idea will cause total war not amongst nations but amongst people, neighbor against neighbor, religion against religion, race against race. Globalism can only succeed if everyone is forced into one culture, one religion and one government with no tolerance for anything else. And I can assure you that one religion will not be to worship God, that one government will not allow any freedoms and that one culture will have nothing to do with a true culture. Simply put Globalism will be Hell on earth.


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