Mafia Style Message To Putin, Killing Of Chauffeur

Seems as though there has been a rash of killings and attempted killings going on of those who have angered or upset Hillary Clinton. The latest incident involved the head on crash in Moscow of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s favorite chauffeur who died instantly as he was driving Putin’s presidential vehicle. Video of the crash shows a black Mercedes driving at a high rate of speed suddenly veer directly into the lane that Putin’s BMW was in, striking it head on. Putin was not in the vehicle and it is not clear if he was the intended victim, regardless someone sent a message loud and clear that Putin’s life is in extreme danger. Russian reports say that they believe it to have been from unnamed Western spies. 
Tensions between Russia and the US and European Union have become increasingly strained since the overthrow of the pro Russian democratically elected Ukraine government by EU, US and George Soros funded Neo-Nazis. Link that with the ongoing crisis in Syria as the US and Saudi Arabia fund and arm Al Qeada, ISIS and others trying to overthrow the Assad regime that has long been an ally of Russia since before the collapse of the Soviet Union. On top of Hillary Clinton’s recent claims that Russia is somehow backing Donald Trump and the Alt Right media, and threatening war against Russia, we are now closer to World War III than we have been since the Cuban Middle Crisis.
This just adds to the list of deaths and attempted assassinations that have been happening, DNC staffer Seth Rich’s murder, who was the most likely source of emails and documents that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange released showing DNC corruption and the steal of the nomination for Hillary. Clinton immediately blamed the Russians of hacking the DNC. Assange’s lawyer John Jones was killed by being hit by a train, A man was caught climbing up to Assange’s window in the early morning hours at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, yet escaped capture, this was believed to have been a failed hit.
The assassination attempt in Las Vegas Nevada of Donald Trump by a 20 year old British man Michael Sanford who had previously spent time in a British Military mental hospital, Lincolnshire Partnership Hospital. Tommy Mair the man who killed Member of Parliament Jo Cox who was against Brexit and whose assassination resulted in a suspension of campaigning in the UK just prior to the Brexit vote had a unique connection, both Sanford and Mair had spent time and were under treatment by the same hospital. 
We can add the questionable deaths of John Ashe, Shawn Lucas and Victor Thorn as all 3 of these men had connections to Hillary Clinton. All of these cases have links to either Hillary directly or Globalists, there is something very dangerous going on. We have a president (Obama) running around the world calling American citizens lazy, turning the internet keys over to a known Globalist organization and doing his best to force the US into trade deals that in fact gives the country to the Globalist One World Government. All of this while his Department of Justice protects and excuses Clinton and others for a multitude of crimes including treason. 
Clinton isn’t campaigning much at all, however when she does make an appearance she calls Trump supporters racists, threatens Russia continuously and repeatedly lies about everything, despite the truths being known she keeps with the lies. Her husband on paper only Bill, just compered himself and their foundation to Robin Hood, he adds that the money isn’t stolen, but it is given to the poor. Less than 10% of Clinton Foundation donations ever gets spent on anything close to being charitable. All the while Mainstream Media works overtime putting out fake polls and following Hillary’s lead by referring to Trump supporters as racists, xenophobes, lazy, KKK members and Conspiracy Theorists. They also attack Putin and claim he is going to rig the US election for Trump. Does it all sound crazy? It is complete insanity as these Globalist Goons, Clinton and Obama and their MSM propaganda machine set the stage to complete the destruction of America and cause what would likely be a Nuclear War with Russia for no other reason than their goal of a Globalist One World Government.


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