Hillary Clinton Exits 9/11 Memorial Early, Appears To Faint As She Is Being Helped Into Van 

Telling her security she wasn’t feeling well, Hillary exited the 9/11 service she was attending in New York early. A Source reported to Fox News that she began to collapse as she was getting into her van to leave, her legs buckled and one shoe came off as she was lifted into the van. This only is more confirmation that Hillary is unfit to complete the duties as President of The United States. 
She and her campaign continuously deny claims that she is in bad health, yet time and again she has coughing fits, looks overly tired and lacks energy. Her behaviour and statements have become erratic  as she appears to not know that she is lying or calling millions of voters Racists, Sexists, Xenophobic, Homophobic and Islamaphobic. Her chances of beating out Donald Trump further dwindle with each new episode. The questions about her overall physical and mental health are sure to increase even as MSM has covered up this issue for her. 
Hillary most likely won’t give up her life long dream of being president and it is unlikely the Democrat Party would make the call for her to step down since the Clinton’s have held so much power over it. Only death or the force from the Globalist Masters who ultimately have the final say here could cause the suspension of the November 8th election. President Obama would then call for there to be another set of possible primaries to allow the Democrats to pick another nominee. Being so close to the vote these developments are of concern to all involved. 
It doesn’t matter what happens as it is now abundantly clear that Hillary Clinton’s political career is finished. She may have slipped through all the crimes she has committed but another power has begun to sentence her for all she has done. The Globalists are going to react, the question is how and when. 


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