Busted! Hillary Clinton Has A Body Double

That was without a doubt not Hillary Clinton leaving Chelsea’s apartment building, proof you ask? Well if the two pictures don’t prove it then look at the video of the Hillary walking out of the apartment building. She seems to have lighter hair and is suddenly walking briskly. Notice anything else wrong? Where is her security detail? Huma isn’t there, and nobody is within 20 feet of her. 
Looking at the before and after picture you can also see that her teeth have changed and the wrinkles are much less pronounced. She also seems to have dropped some weight. Say what you will that was not Hillary leaving that building. Conspiracy Theory? Not at all as we now have more evidence of the fraud that Hillary is. 
Powerful people have for years used body doubles and in this case its the same, the differences are easily spotted and the lack of providing doubles of her security detail and their vehicles is also proof. There is no way they would allow Hillary to walk that far from a doorway without anyone in sight. The NYPD officer stayed back in the doorway leaving her completely unprotected from behind. I will let you look it all up as to the who it is, just look at the videos from today, during her leaving the 9/11 ceremony and then 2 hours later when she was leaving Chelsea’s apartment. 

Note; Video of Hillary fainting while being helped into her van has been removed from YouTube.com


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