Emergency DNC Meeting To Discuss Hillary’s Possible Exit From The Campaign?

With the revelation that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was forced to leave the 9/11 Commemorative Ceremony due to dehydration caused by pneumonia, there may be a need to look at other options. Rumours are floating around that members of the Democratic National Committee may hold an emergency meeting to review the options moving forward. This is uncharted territory this far along in the election process, so there are no absolutes guaranteeing a definite answer as to what may happen.
Despite our history of electing presidents who had mental and physical health issues in the past that were hidden from public view, Lincoln was Manic Depressive, Ulysses S. Grant was a severe alcoholic, Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke while in office paralyzing his left side leaving his wife to run the day to day White House operations, Franklin D. Roosevelt suffered from Polio and both his legs were paralyzed, it wasn’t until after his death that a vast majority of Americans found out, John F. Kennedy suffered from Addison’s disease that caused him severe back pain, he used a back brace and was on painkillers, and Ronald Reagan who wasn’t officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s until he left office, many experts now say the signs were there during his second term. 
With Clinton we have been told that she is perfectly healthy and yet there are signs of a serious health issue that in fact would make it impossible to preform her duties as president. She exhibits the symptoms of Parkinson’s, a disease that becomes worse over time. With her Doctor now saying she has Pneumonia, all the pieces are beginning to fit. The denials of a serious health issue have been exposed as the so-called  conspiracy theories are proven to be fact, Hillary Clinton can not fulfill the duties of President of the United States. 
So what happens now? The DNC can use Article 2 Section 7 of their Bylaws and choose to replace her on the ticket, but the question would be with who? Options are Tim Kaine the VP nominee or as was thought of while we waited for the FBI and DOJ to determine if they would charge her with the crimes she had in fact committed and they admitted she did, but claimed it was due to mishandling of the emails not criminal intent, current VP Joe Biden. Would Hillary step aside if asked to? Most likely not since this has been a life long dream and in truth Bill Clinton is awaiting to return to the White House himself. As they always have claimed Bill’s two terms were a co-presidency and this is to be the same. Would the DNC try to force Hillary off the ticket? Don’t count on it as the Clinton’s are prone to dirty tactics and wouldn’t allow it.
Does President Obama have the ability to suspend the election? George W. Bush signed the John Warner Defence Authorization Act into law in 2006, that gives the president full authority to call for Martial Law under the cause of National Security. Obama could use a real or made up threat to justify this. He would remain as president indefinitely or call for new elections at his own discretion at a later date. Both party’s could hold new primaries at this time. 
Then there is an option for the Globalist Elite, they would through the DNC apply pressure to Hillary and Bill to walk away. The Globalists most likely have been aware of Hillary’s true diagnosis, yet still made the call to allow Hillary the nomination in hopes she could get through the election and then they would have Bill run the day to day White House operations as Edith Wilson did for President Wilson and as FDR had often said wife Eleanor was his “eyes and ears” and now we know why, since she was more mobile than he was. The fact remains it is the Globalist who will make the final decision. 
Until this plays out with Hillary resting even more than before under Doctors orders, we have to wonder what will happen next. Donald Trump will continue to hold rally’s, press conferences and fundraisers. Hillary will run television and radio adds as she sits at home and hopes that she can attend the first debate on September 26th, this will be a two hour long face to face with Trump. Will they use the recovering from pneumonia excuse not to attend or will she demand to have stools or chairs so she can sit for the two hours? Will the MSM continue to deny the truth and downplay the pneumonia as not being related to a more serious condition? I saw a tweet where someone said they felt sorry for Hillary, will this cause an influx of sympathy support from the misguided good hearted people who seem unaware of just who Hillary Clinton really is? Will she stay in the race? Will she be allowed to? Or will the American voter finally see what the truth is? Another distraction from the real issues that face us. 


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