Somethings Going On, ABC Reports Death, Others Hint Body Double, Some Dems Calling For Replacement

It is as though Hillary’s got all of media, mainstream and alternative talking. No one has the clear story, as even the usual Clinton propagandist MSM are seemingly reaching for separate narratives. Its a story with no clear cut answers as everyone is receiving differing statements and reporting it that way. Who is hiding what and why?, as despite video evidence of what really happened, you may get several conclusions from different sources. 
On Sunday 9/11 there was a commemorative event for those who had died 15 years earlier on 9-11-2001. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump attended, during the reading of the names of those who lost their lives, Hillary and her security detail left the event suddenly. Her press corps that follow her while on the campaign trail were not told of the departure, those that realized it were told to stay put. We then see a video of Hillary propped up against a round cement barrier to stop cars from driving onto the walkway. A lady who was with her believed to be a nurse was holding her left arm and under the shoulder as they waited for her customized van to show. There are questions as to why the van wasn’t there yet. As the vans side doors are opened, the nurse(?) and Hillary take one step and you can see clearly that Hillary dips left then right, a device of metallic origin falls from her right leg, you can hear a clanging sound as it hits the walk, her security detail rush in and surround her as she is taken another step towards the vans side doors. Then you see her head go down as her legs buckle, a shoe falls off as security quickly lifts her into the seat. 
This video hits the internet quickly and then MSM starts reporting Hillary’s exit. Everything from she was over come by grief to being over heated was reported. Then the stories began to change as some said she only stumbled or lost her balance. The video showed someone who would have hit the ground if there was nobody there holding her up. The mystery was in full force as it was announced Hillary was taken to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment instead of an emergency room. The speculations were rampant as nobody seemed to know what was happening. 
Then Hillary, or someone claiming to be her walks out of Chelsea’s building about two hours later as if taking a Sunday afternoon walk, waving to the crowd that gathered and motioning for a little girl to come over. She poses with the little girl for a picture then turns and walks toward her customized van, the press who was there asks how she is? And Hillary(?) says “great” a couple times and then ” it’s a beautiful New York day” as she disappears behind the van. She looked energetic and walked quickly and her security detail kept their distance about 20ft from her. The mystery lady was not by her side as she was earlier and the large African American secret service agent who seems to have become a constant was nowhere in sight. Something strange about this all as it seemed to be staged, something didn’t seem right.
Then word was, Hillary had been diagnosed with Pneumonia on Friday but had only told her family and closest associates, Huma Abedin being one seemed, not to be around during this entire episode. The Campaign said Hillary had become overheated and dehydrated and left it their. Some MSM reported that it was extremely hot and humid and Hillary was over dressed for the heat, however at the time of the incident it was only 76 degrees and the heat hadn’t overwhelmed the others attending.  Other MSM began to question as to why the Clinton Campaign had left them in the dark concerning her health for three days. Channel 7 the ABC affiliate even reported that Hillary had died, ABC’s website had said Hillary Clinton had died during treatment at a local hospital. The stories were all over the place as the mystery continued.
By Monday the uncertainty filled the air, Hillary is said to be alive and well at her Chappaqua New York home resting. She cancelled her California and Nevada events this week but then husband Bill announced he would stand in for her. The MSM was starting to admit that Hillary’s health is an issue. The DNC was said to be meeting to discuss the possibility of replacing her on the ticket as Tim Kaine, Joe Biden and even forgotten Bernie Sanders are mentioned. Hillary does a phone interview with  Anderson Cooper of CNN, surprise, surprise and claims she is fine and that she had made a mistake by not following doctors orders to rest. After all it is just a little case of Pneumonia right? So the spins in and the questions remain and it seems as though we know very little. 
What exactly is wrong with Hillary? Was that really her coming out of Chelsea’s apartment building? Will she ever apologies to the millions of voters she referred to as deplorable? Is the DNC going to replace her or call for a temporary suspension of the election? Is Obama going to pull something? The questions are many and the answers are few, we have the right to know despite what MSM believes. So we wait and see as we seem to have no control over those things that will determine what our own lives will be like in the future. 


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