Here They Come, Russian Agent Trump Poisoning Hillary 

Well you had to know it would happen, Concussion Pathologist Bennett Omalu is claiming that Hillary Clinton is being poisoned by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump is the Russian agent doing it. Infowars Steve Watson reported today. Omalu is telling the Clinton campaign to have toxicology tests ran on Hillary as Omalu says she appears to be being poisoned. He also seems to know the actors of this diabolical crime. That is fully unproven.
On Monday MSM and Democrats were claiming that saying Hillary used a body double was a nutjob Conspiracy Theory, despite the fact nobody has explained her 180 degree change in health in a 90 minute time span. And that there is history of famous and powerful people using body doubles. Omalu’s suggestion for toxicology test is sound advice in Hillary’s case, but to claim that Trump is working for the Russians as a spy and is having Hillary killed, is off the wall. 
Omalu I think you did a good thing with your work on the NFL players health dangers, but this claim against Donald Trump and even Putin makes me wonder if your Cuckoo has left your clock.  


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