Hillary At Home Resting AGAIN, She’ll Be Back, Maybe

After her stumble that MSM calls it, looked more like a hard night of partying, as you try to load that one buddy who went overboard and passed out on his feet and gets literally thrown into the car as he drops to his knees. The immediate response by the Secret Service was to rush Hillary to a hospital, yet her staff said no, take her to her daughters as they didn’t want to risk the prying eyes of some of the few good journalist that are still around. Again like the High School years some wanted to take the buddy who is obviously out of it home, but others are afraid they’ll all get in trouble so they decide to take him to another friends house since they will keep their mouth shut. Problem; someone got a video.
Now, amazingly after a few sips of water and being in the air conditioned vehicle Hillary starts to feel better. They go to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment and Hillary plays with the kids and then after about 90 minutes it is decided that Hillary, feeling better and more spry than she has all day will go home. Now somehow when the motorcade pulled up to Chelsea’s, not one person took a picture or got a video of her getting out of the vehicle, not one. But when Hillary leaves there are people outside everywhere cell phones in hand taking pictures and videotaping her departure. Hillary is the picture of health smiling waving, stopping to take a picture with a little girl. Saying she felt great and remarked that “its a beautiful New York Day.” 
While she heads home her Campaign says she became dehydrated and had been diagnosed with Pneumonia on Friday. She had ignored her doctors orders and didn’t cancel her scheduled events over the weekend. By that evening MSM and Independent Media were abuzz with the news. Conflicting reports were flooding the airwaves and internet. She had died, there was a body double, where was Huma Abedin her constant companion? She had a stroke, she had a seizure nobody knew the real story. 
Monday, the Democratic National Committee met to discuss contingency plans in case Hillary dropped out of the race. Tim Kaine her VP nominee, current VP Joe Biden and even though very unlikely, Bernie Sanders came up as possible replacements. Hillary’s campaign cancels her California trip, then Bill Clinton announces he will fill in. Hillary does a phone interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper telling him she feels great but will rest a couple of days. When asked how many times she has had these fainting spells over the years she first says a couple then says she doesn’t remember. Bill talks to Charlie Rose and says she has had problems working so hard that she often becomes dehydrated, he also says she has fainted a few times because of it. Ironically he throws in that she works like a demon. 
By Tuesday there are still rumblings about a possibility of her dropping out, social media trends are still, death and body double, MSM sticks with the stumble story, ignoring the collapse, Hillary’s Doctor sticks to the Pneumonia and dehydration story and claims she will be fine after resting. Her Campaign begins to claim several members of her staff have become ill recently due to the heavy campaigning. Stop! What heavy campaigning Hillary takes 4 days off a week, holds no rallies and no press conferences? Çan’t these people be honest just once? Okay, Bill using Demon in describing Hillary was probably the only honest thing said during this entire thing so far. 
What today brings is anyone’s guess, I don’t believe these people can tell the truth about anything. The Clinton’s have lied their entire careers and MSM has gone along with it. You can be assured one thing, there will be more lies to come that is a guarantee. Maybe we will find out something as we still don’t know anything for certain. 


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