If Hillary Wins Election World War III Will Happen

With Retired General and former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s now hacked emails being public, Of course the Russians are blamed again. This comes on the heels of the claim that Russia with Donald Trump acting as an agent are poisoning Hillary Clinton. Every other word coming out of Washington, the Clinton Campaign and the Establishment Globalist propaganda machine, Mainstream Media is “it’s the Russians”. According to them Russian Dictator as they call him, Vladimir Putin has control of the Alt Right and the Trump Campaign, they are going to rig the elections against Hillary. There are also claims that Putin is destabilizing the world by means that are not given. Everything is Russia’s doing and they are being setup as the major threat to world peace for a reason.
Even as the US and Russia have just agreed to work together on the war against terrorism and have achieved a shaky cease fire in Syria, the accusations of interfering in US elections continue. We just saw a major Russian TV news program warn that Republican nominee Donald Trump faces another assassination attempt as it becomes clear that he will win the presidential election. This was not a normal type of warning, it was in fact a fear the Russians have of a Clinton win and the understanding of how far those who back her are willing to go. The Globalists need to stop Trump in any way they can as he will stop them from World Domination. 
Putin has been on the defensive since Ukraine’s government was removed by Fascist with the help of the EU, George Soros and NATO. The Globalist plan is to pick off every former part of the Soviet Union and Imperial Russia. When the Soviet Union dissolved many regions became independent and the EU and NATO began to swallow them up through trade agreements. It is by these trade agreements that the Globalists One World Government is forming. Once they grab every country as in a game of Risk, it becomes one with the rest as they surrender national sovereignty over to the unelected Globalist government as we see in Europe with the EU. Russia is in their sights and this has caused Putin to ring alarm bells.
Many Americans remain ignorant as they are unaware of just what will happen to the United States, NAFTA was the first trade agreement that joined us with Canada and Mexico, creating the North American Union. That is one reason why we now have open borders with Mexico. G.H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama have all been implementing laws and tearing pieces of our constitution off as they have slowly been destroying our sovereignty and freedoms. This is why so many are against Trump as he vows to stop the Globalist from destroying us. This is why they have begun to claim Putin and Trump are enemies to them and brushed them with the same paint. Putin wants Russia to remain independent from Globalist control as Trump is trying to do the same for America. 
Russia knows if Hillary becomes President American sovereignty will end, she will sign the TTP and the TTIP and relinquish our economy over to an unelected council as they have in the EU. The turning over the internet is part of this Globalist plan, many things will change on what information you can access and input. Freedom of speech will swiftly decline as you will no longer be able to find the truth and must rely on whatever they allow you to know. Hillary like Obama are not loyal to you as their loyalty is with the Globalist. Once America is inline completely a war with Russia is next as they can’t manipulate Russian elections as they have been doing ours. Putin has said he will go Nuclear if he is forced to defend Russia and the Globalists don’t care as they have a belief they will survive such an event. Key word “they” as your survival doesn’t matter to them. This is why they are molding us to believe that Russia is a threat and developing excuses for war. Hillary has already made the threat and she will carry it out. You can believe this all to be a conspiracy theory if you want, it is true and you may not realize it until its too late. Electing Hillary Clinton will make it become to late as you put another wolf in the White House to watch after the sheep and this one won’t hesitate to destroy you.


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