Detailed List Of How Often Hillary Clinton Has Told The Truth

We see that Hillary is back on the campaign trail after her treatment and rest for a type of Pneumonia that sadly doesn’t even exist. Her Doctor Lisa Bardack claims Hillary was suffering from ” a mild case of non-contagious bacterial pneumonia.” Mainstream Media went with the story and nobody bothered to check out the validity of the diagnosis. Now this is just another one of the lies that the Clinton campaign and Hillary herself has told. Let’s see how many times Hillary has told the truth in numerical order.
 1. While on a trip to Bosnia she ……. Nope sorry she claimed to have been under sniper fire but the video didn’t back her up.

 2.  She didn’t send or receive classified materials via her private server …. Nope not here she did quite often.

 3.  Ret. General and former Secretary of State Colin Powell told her to set up and use the private server ..…. Shoot, no he emphatically denies this and a couple emails proves it.

 4.  She supports equal pay for men and women …… this is tough, the Clinton Foundation doesn’t do this so, if she supports the idea then why doesn’t she do it at her own foundation?

 5.  As Secretary of State she never knew that Ambassador Stevens requested more security in the days and on the day he and 3 others were killed in Benghazi ..… She was aware that there was a need for milk and bread.


I give up, this lady couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it. If you know of a case where she has been totally honest, then please leave an example in the comment section below.


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