Hillary Clinton Rules By Threats And Fear, She’s Insane And Everyone In Washington Knows It

That title pretty much sums up the real Hillary Rodham Clinton according to friends and enemies alike. She is a Pathological liar, Psychopath and Sociopath who suffers from violent rages that manifest into throwing objects and making verbal threats towards anyone at a moments notice. She fights these demons in public, yet once out of the public eye she explodes into a furry that puts her staff into feelings of a fear so intense that it makes them react to any command immediately. Her most recent known event was after her appearance with Matt Laur for the Commander in Chief Forum. An anonymous staffer reported that she went into a rage screaming that Laur had let Donald Trump off easy and made her look bad. She yelled “If I go down everyone goes down with me”, “That Fascist Fu%& is going to have us all in nooses.” She demanded that her staff contact her controlled press to ensure they put the spin on, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post and the New York Times were some who received calls. She threw a glass that broke and demanded that Laur not be involved in the debates, so far NBC has yet to announce any changes.
Many former Secret Service agents as well as those who had worked closely with Clinton over the years have made similar claims about her violent tendencies and outbursts, MSM has always gone on to discredit these as not being true or never reporting them. Matt Laur is a close friend of the Clinton’s but that doesn’t seem to matter, as Hillary will go after anyone that she feels may have in reality done her wrong or that she believes has or may do so in the future. Like a rabid animal Hillary is always ready to attack. This makes her the truly most dangerous person to become president of the United States since the Nuclear Age began. She has recently threatened Vladimir Putin of Russia who happens to have a large nuclear arsenal also. Anyone who doubts her willingness to kill, need only to look at the video of her saying “We came, we saw, he’s dead” concerning. Colonel Gaddafi’s torture then death in Libya. She breaks out in laughter as her pride of his death overwhelmed her. 
Her threats have been one of her best and most useful political tools, and are not limited to those who lack power. There were reports of her Husband being on the receiving end of rages and violent outbursts while he was president. From a black eye on Bill to an hour long rant filled with vulgarities that were overheard throughout a large portion of the White House. Secret Service agents scrambling around closing doors so that a visiting group with then Representative Barney Frank couldn’t hear it any longer. Then when reports of her emails were bringing brought into question at the House Oversight Committee over Benghazi, she and Bill paid an unannounced visit to President Obama. They entered the Oval office, doors closing behind them and let the President know, that if Hillary went down she would bring his entire administration down with her. 
There are 100’s of other instances when Hillary let it be known that nobody and she means nobody is to go against her. The “all in nooses” comment has a very important meaning as she knows the amount of corruption, fraud, treason and many more crimes she and her Establishment politicians have committed. She knows that Trump knows way too much about them all. She fears for her life if he would win the election, she can’t afford to lose. This makes her even more dangerous than normal, this woman is a ticking time bomb that has a faulty timer and can go off at any moment. We all need to be aware of just who the real Hillary Clinton is.

Photo: gatewaypundit.com


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