Who Cares Who Hacked Powell? Look What He Says

With the latest group of emails now available, we can see the truth of the complicity between the Democrats and Republicans. They both work, play and talk about what’s going to happen next, only showing differences to the public that are non consequential. Long time Republican, Ret. General Colin Powell corresponds at length with big time Democratic donor Jeffrey Leeds. They talk about the election and the candidates. Powell votes the Globalist pick as he follows the true party line. That being the Globalist Party that includes both Republican and Democrats. These latest emails are two years worth of Powell’s, Its fully admitted that those who belong to the Bohemian Grove Club are going to vote Clinton as Powell says. 
Why is this important? The members of the Bohemian Grove is a secretive group of Republican power players who meet in seclusion in northern California and discuss what they are planning politically and economically. While there, the all male group worships Moloch an ancient Diety, in the form of an Owl, that is set ablaze as they replicate the sacrifice of a child, I use replicate as its not known if the sacrifice is real or not. Wearing hooded robes and chanting, these leaders of the Republican Party and business claim its all in fun. Richard Nixon who called it the ” gayest thing he had ever witnessed” had attended this Satanic type ritual, The Bush family are yearly participants and maintain a camp called Hillbillies, Casper Weinberger, Henry Kissinger, George P. Shultz, David Gergen and even Ronald Reagan are all past or present attendees. There are repeated stories of prostitutes, both male and female some under age that are brought in as these respected men have a party that would make a fraternity party look like a 13 year olds birthday party. 
The question that MSM doesn’t answer is what goes on at the highest levels within our government, and why don’t they delve into what really goes on at Bohemian Grove? They are too busy telling you how Colin Powell is so respected, and that the Russians hacked his emails and also his dislike for Trump. A couple of tidbits about Hillary are edited and hardly examined. They fail to mention that it was Colin Powell who stood in front of the UN and claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, they fail to say how this so-called Republican voted for Barack Obama twice and is voting for Hillary this time. Sounds like a Democrat to me or better yet a Globalist. An American hero? Not at all, he is a devil worshiping, Anti American Globalist whose goal is the same as Obama and Clinton’s. Turn all Americans over to the One World Government and destroy the Constitution. 
His supposed email hack by the Russians furthers the call to war that the Globalist thrive on. He discredits Trump and General Flynn as he only confirms what is already known about Hillary and her partner in all things illegal Bill. Powell is making it perfectly clear that he did not tell Hillary to commit treason or espionage, only to protect himself if Trump wins. Saying that he will vote for Hillary despite her crimes against the United States shows that he supports treasonous activity, he just doesn’t tell people to engage in it. 
The Globalists are panicked as they know Trumps lead in the true polls is massive, they may not be able to pull off the steal, so Powell plays both sides. You can see those involved in Hillary’s email scandal pleading the fifth to questions by the House Oversight Committee. They are protecting Hillary and as the Department of Justice and FBI are refusing to cooperate. All are willing to face prison time in the hope that they will be pardoned by a future Globalist President instead of being honest and facing a mysterious death. MSM, Powell, Obama, Comey, Lynch the Clinton’s and countless others are Globalists and their goal is to destroy our Republic. Trump has them all in fear as he is dangerous, to them but not the American people. Thanks Colin, you’ve exposed the game plan by leaking your own emails to protect yourself. 


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