Mainstream Media Hiding Overthrow Of America

MSM has been attacking Donald Trump and his supporters for this entire election cycle, only proving how they favor the dictatorial left. They attack like a pack of hyenas, calling out Trump over every word or sentence as if its the end of the world. They bring up things that are not even issues and keep pushing lies and distortions of the facts. They have been caught repeatedly using green screens, editing out words or scenes even using computer graphics to fill in crowds at Hillary Clinton events. They play pivotal roles in the placement of false narratives on everything from climate change too giving false poll numbers. Where is the real news, the investigated facts or the unbiased reporting? One place it is not is on MSM or the pages of the Washington Post or New York Times.
 We in America the land of the free, have State run news just as they did during Hitlers Third Reich, Pravda during the days of the Soviet Union and China today. You only get what they want you to know, if you rely on them for the truth you won’t find it. It is their job as propagandist to distract you and keep you from the facts so that you remain ignorant to the truth. Only by keeping you from the truth can those in power control you. Dictatorial governments have done this for centuries as these types of governments have to control what the people know, or think they do. In America to keep the false notion of freedom, if someone speaks up and counters what the government wants you to know, they label it a conspiracy theory. This is to automatically discredit the people who in fact may be telling the truth, exposing the lie. 
Whenever there is a radical change in government through war, civil unrest or a coup. The list of arrests is as follows. 1. The former leaders and political subordinates 2. Military and police who supported the former regime 3. The journalists and news sources 4. Members of the educational system 5. The people who supported the past government 6. Those who contributed to the overthrow of the former government who are suspect as a threat by the controlling members. This is Revolution 101 and has been used repeatedly in history. 
Our 2nd and silent revolution was done differently and is just now being exposed. The bankers and corporate leaders have been slowly overthrowing the entire so-called free governments of the west over several generations. It has been going largely unnoticed by the people. In Europe after WWII those governments that were created had a socialist democracy leaning on purpose. It gave the bankers and corporations the power to have a lot of control over the people. Then through trade agreements that were actually devises to create a super state within Europe, the birth of Globalism began. The European Union is actually one government for all of its members that is a non elected council that runs the banking and economies of all members as one. The goal of these globalist is the creation of one government for the entire world. Shared banking and economies throughout, sold as a utopia for all as all peoples share equally the resources available. 
In America we have been unaware and remain for the most part oblivious of globalization’s true meaning and what the real plans are. There is no utopia at the end of this creation of a New World Order or Globalist One World Government. In America our years of being the land of opportunity is coming quickly to an end. We have been the driving force militarily in the Globalist plan. Through technologies that far surpass what we even know to exist, our government has been playing pivotal roles in climate change, health, food, robotics and many other things we know little about. 
The Globalist had overthrown our government completely by the time George H.W. Bush stood in front of the United Nations and talked about The New World Order, he said it will happen only because it had already. Every president since has played their roles in slowly eliminating our sovereignty as they began to bypass our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our educational system went from teaching children how to think for themselves to only memorization abilities of non truths, citizenship became more important than the basics of years past. Our children grow up retaining a child like mind as the simplest of tasks where they have to figure out a solution is no longer there. We now see college students screaming and crying literally for safe spaces on campuses throughout the US. It is as if we have created a generation of mindless cry babies that look to government to tell them what to do next. 
The Globalist run healthcare system uses vaccination programs that have gone from 4 or 5 to an astounding 70 total vaccines, recommended at first and starting to become mandatory. This fiasco is in fact been part of the eugenics element of the Globalist plan. We see the increases of chronic diseases and disorders, yet think they are unrelated to vaccines. This is how MSM and the CDC want you to think as this drives the ever increasing profits of the Pharmaceutical industry and providers of healthcare. In reality it is to weaken minds and bodies as fertility rates fall lowering birth rates, IQ’s fall making people less likely to figure out what is really going on or question it. As some call it ” the dumbing down of society” linked with the faulty educational system. 
The ever increasing use of GMO’s that lowers the nutritional values our basic foods once held, Bayer just bought Monsanto the leading producer of GMO seeds, if you don’t wonder why a pharmaceutical company wants to own a company that produces seeds for grains, vegetables and the fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides for higher production than that’s okay as you aren’t to think about it anyway. MSM is not asking questions either, so it’s all good right? More Globalization, tighter control, nothing to worry about just move along. 
This brings me back to the original reason for writing this piece which is that whether you know it or not the Globalist overthrew our government and are continuing to pick away at the last two rights that we have, although on a limited basis. Freedom of speech and the ability to defend ourselves from enemies both foreign and domestic. This election is not about Trump or Clinton, it is about ending our Republic and the dreams of our forefathers who did not want us to fall prey to these monsters who seek world domination and control. Its about freedom to think for yourself and allow your neighbor to do the same, not claiming your ideas should be the way it is and take his/her ability to decide for themselves from them. Its about achieving any goals you set for yourself and being acknowledge for it while understanding that someone else will use your example to do the same. 
The Globalist represented by Hillary Clinton want to dictate your words and thoughts or they will claim you are a racist, sexist, or suffer from mental illness. By claiming millions are deplorable and unredeemable was the most bigoted statement this entire campaign. Look up the meaning, don’t allow MSM to tell you what anything means because they are part of the problem. If you believe anything that the Globalist are telling you, it makes you a very misguided person. You fit the desired type they prey on as you, without asking questions or looking for the facts just follow along while they destroy you and make it impossible to ever change your mind. 
Read up on how an overthrow takes place before you just follow along. Read, get informed quickly, before they take out our last sources of freedom of information, the internet. You know that thing Globalist Al Gore invented, the same one selling you the climate change hoax. He lied about the internet so what makes you think he is telling the truth now? Take back America people, the last stages of the Globalist overthrow are in the process. Stop being as your President Obama says “Lazy” and save yourselves as the time is now. Voting Trump will begin the downfall of the Globalists plans, just admit you were fooled and reverse course, the true meaning of We the People is now. 


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